Happy birthday, Nick Rhodes.

All hail the patron saint of Duranalysis! Love you madly, Nick. I'm looking forward to another fifty-four years of glamorous and stylish weirdness from you.

My fingers are itching to write another Duranalysis. It's been far too long (months!). I'm fresh out of topics, so if anyone has any fun/weird Duran-centric links, send them my way.


DKoren said…
Happy birthday, Nick!!

I wish I had ideas for what you could durananalyze, but, alas, I don't. :(
mousie mouse said…
i haven't even listened to the yearly birthday message yet, and the day is technically over! i'm such a mess today ;_;

i tossed all my ideas out there ages ago when i gave you that giant wall of overly enthusiastic recommendations. you didn't use them all, but i'm guessing that's because the unused ones didn't make good duranalyses and/or simon was too high. :( i can't think of anything else to suggest. but maybe i'll find time to trawl the corners of youtube in between preparing for this dc trip and moving...forward!, one never knows. maybe some of their mtv appearances? john taylor's acting career besides vegas: a retrospective?

an alternate suggestion while you wait for better duranalysis topics: do sailor moon crystal recaps starting with the infinity arc (current season), since it's finally gotten watchable

alternate alternate suggestion, still anime: madoka magica might not make for good recaps, the more i think about it (i'm assuming you've already seen it)... but gatchaman crowds might, plus there's more of it.
Morgan Richter said…
Happy birthday, Nick! I haven't watched his yearly message yet, either, because I've been slacking on my Duranie duties. Has Sailor Moon Crystal improved? That's good to hear -- my hopes were so high when it started out, but it just seemed so soggy and lame compared to old-school Sailor Moon.

There are plenty of Duranalysis topics out there somewhere, I just know it!
mousie mouse said…
yeah, they got all the good animators off pretty cure and onto sailor moon and got a new director, so they make silly faces again and the fight scenes are much nicer! the downside is that the official subs have gotten really clunky.

i will keep my eyes open for good duranalysis subjects. ...wait a second, the written word is fair game! you could do something with the ask katys or blog posts on the official website. but that seems just as sprawling as the wilds of youtube, if not moreso... :/
Morgan Richter said…
I had to jump ship with Sailor Moon Crystal before the introductions of Uranus and Neptune, because I love Sailor Uranus like I love Nick Rhodes, and if they'd messed her up in the new version, my heart would break. But I might give the Infinity Arc a chance.

The world is wide open for Duranalysis topics. Something will come up soon, I'm sure of it...
Evescape said…
Surely there are some videos left for Duranalysis. What about some of Andy Taylor's solo work? Or John Taylor solo? I personally would love to maybe see an analysis of Serious or Too Much Information. Just a thought.
Morgan Richter said…
Evescape -- you're right. There's still a handful of videos out there that I could do. At various times, I've tried working on Duranalyses of the Notorious-era videos but have given up due to lack of inspiration. I might take another stab at it and finally go through all the rest of their videography.
Asphyxia said…
Lovelovelove your duranalysises!!!
I had to laugh so hard at times I nearly cried while reading through your "œvre", hilarious!
thank you so much for making this middle-aged working mums' life a bit sunnier- and yes, Nick Rhodes is my drug, too.

Yesterday I stumbled across VH1s "strange frequency-room service" starring John Taylor, what about doing a Duranalysis on this one?

Morgan Richter said…
Thanks so much, Asphyxia! I'm glad you're enjoying the Duranalyses! And thank you for the Strange Frequency tip -- I haven't watched it yet, but some nice person recently put it up on YouTube, and it looks very, very promising.

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