Heroes Volume Two, Chapter Five: Fight or Flight

Molly’s still in a coma, thanks to Matt. Matt wants to stay with her, but Mohinder icily tells him to go find his father. It’s my guess Matt will return from Philadelphia to find the locks to Mohinder’s apartment changed and his belongings piled outside the door. Mohinder scoffs at Matt’s suggestion to take Molly to a hospital, proclaiming, "No hospital is equipped to deal with this." Well… maybe not, but you could give it a shot, right? Just to make sure? I mean, the kid’s in a coma… Mohinder hooks Molly up to an IV and looks after her himself. I know he has his doctorate, but he’s not an MD. I’d really feel better about this if you took her to a hospital, guys.

In the Loneliest Subplot Ever, poor forlorn Ando, stuck by himself in Tokyo, reads more of the ancient scrolls left for him by Hiro.

In feudal Japan, nothing happens with Hiro, Yaeko, and Kensei that we haven’t already seen several times over. This plot will probably become important and relevant and exciting someday. I wish today were that day.

Molly’s condition deteriorates. Mohinder calls Bennet to tell him he’s decided to sell his soul to the Company to save Molly’s life. Bennet suggests taking her to the hospital instead. Mohinder ignores him. It never fails: present Mohinder with a decision, and he’ll invariably pick the most disastrous course of action. Where’s this new, smarter, more competent Mohinder we were promised this season? You can’t see me, but I’m shaking my head sadly right now. I’d say Mohinder has gone over to the Dark Side™, but it’s more like Mohinder got distracted by a shiny object, tripped over his shoelaces, and accidentally fell into the Dark Side™.

Bennet is none too pleased with Mohinder’s decision, but he’s presently too busy faffing about Ukraine with the Haitian to deal with Mohinder’s latest bout of nitwittery. It’s easy to forget how shady Bennet really is. Here, he’s essentially counseling Mohinder to sacrifice Molly for the greater good – a touch ironic in the face of all the harm Bennet has done to keep Claire safe. In fairness to Mohinder, turning to the Company for help might be the best of a bunch of bad options, if it keeps Molly alive. Still, Mohinder being Mohinder, this is bound to turn out about as well as his decision to give Sylar an unscheduled spinal tap last season.

At the Company medical facility, Bob gives Mohinder a taser and instructs him to retrieve another super-powered person. For crying out loud, Bob, don’t arm him. Just then, Niki-as-Jessica breaks out of a room and goes on a rampage, shoving Mohinder and throttling Bob until Mohinder tasers her unconscious. Later, Mohinder secretly tries to help a restrained Niki break free, but, now that the meek Niki personality is back in control, she wants to stay – the Company is the only place that can teach her to keep her murderous split personality in check.

Matt goes to Philadelphia to track down his father. For no real reason, he takes Nathan along for the ride. This is something Heroes does better than any other show: unlikely buddy pairings. Mohinder and Sylar, Nathan and Hiro, Mr. Bennet and Mohinder… now we can add Nathan and Matt to the mix of unexpectedly fabulous duos. Nathan scoops up an unprecedented second consecutive Big Pile of Awesomeness award for the savoir-faire he shows here. When did Adrian Pasdar transition from a good actor doing solid work to a scene-stealing bundle of personality? At one point he totes around a shotgun, and he’s just a chainsaw-hand away from becoming Bruce Campbell.

Matt’s father is a dark future version of Matt. He’s a criminal and a con man, both sort of pathetic and sort of evil, physically unprepossessing and morally weak. He’s a telepath like Matt, though his powers have mutated into something darker. He trapped Molly in a nightmare because he didn’t want anyone to be able to find him. He claims he’s been targeted by Kaito Nakamura’s killer and shows them a photo of himself with the scrawled half-helix mark to prove it. He discloses a little information about the founding members of the Company shown in the group photo (twelve super-powered individuals who banded together thirty years ago with the intention of using their abilities for good), then traps Matt and Nathan into nightmarish visions while he escapes. Matt finds himself in a prison cell where he’s confronted by Janice, who reveals that, despite his claims to the contrary, he’s the true father of her baby. She claims he knew this and abandoned her anyway. It’s open to interpretation, but this sounds like the truth.

Nathan, meanwhile, finds himself overlooking a burned and ruined Manhattan skyline, having apparently failed to prevent Peter from blowing up New York. A hideously burned and mutilated version of himself attacks him. Nathan fights himself, though it turns out he’s actually beating the hell out of Matt, who uses his ability to break the illusion. In a search of the apartment, Matt and Nathan find a photo of Mohinder’s employer Bob with the half-helix mark scrawled over his face.

Monica discloses the secret of her new-found ability to Micah, who likewise reveals his ability to her. They gleefully set out to test the limits of Monica’s powers. After an exhausting day of super-powered jump-roping, piano playing, tomato carving, and Bruce Lee movie-viewing, Monica is startled by a late-night knock on the door. It’s Mohinder, sent to bring her in to the Company for observation.

Veronica Mars blows into Cork looking for Peter. Oh, sure, Kristen Bell’s going by a different name here, but she’s still Veronica at heart. Only this time she’s evil. And can shoot blue lightning bolts from her hands. Other than that, there’s no difference. When the leader of Peter’s gang gives her the runaround, she fries him. Before she can go after Peter, she gets a call from someone she identifies as "Daddy", who orders her to abandon her mission and return home. Peter, shacked up with his new girlfriend Caitlin, finally (finally!) opens the damn box with the clues to his identity. It contains Peter’s passport, a photo of Nathan, and a plane ticket to Montreal. Peter channels Isaac’s ability and paints a precognitive image of himself and Caitlin in Montreal.


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