Hard-Won Blondes: Claire & Niki

Spotted two more Heroes posters today: Claire, located on La Brea at Melrose (kittycorner from Pink's), and Niki, located on Wilshire at La Brea (kittycorner from Luna Park).

Nice posters, both of them. I'm impressed with this ad campaign: it has a nice larger-than-life comic-book feel to it, which is exactly where the show should be heading. I'm also thrilled that thus far none of the promotional material has featured Claire in a cheerleading outfit. Heroes had two chances to drum up an original or interesting or witty cheerleading-related plotline, and they biffed it both times. Here's hoping this season marks the end of high school scenes.

Gmaps Pedometer informs me that the Niki poster is a scant 1.18 miles away from my starting point, whereas the Claire poster is 2.65 miles away.

Gmaps Pedometer also tells me I walked 15.2 miles today in search of these damn posters.

This was today's route: west on Olympic to Robertson to the BP Helios House, which is the snazziest gas station in the history of gas stations. If you don't think a gas station could possibly dazzle you, click on the link.

The original plan was to stick on Robertson north through Beverly Hills to Sunset, but I had the same problem as yesterday: no bus shelters in Beverly Hills. So I shifted east on Third to La Cienega and crossed through West Hollywood instead. Once I reached Sunset Boulevard (very few bus shelters, but plenty of big splashy billboards), I walked east to Crescent Heights (the Virgin Megastore on Sunset is gone, as is the Buzz Coffee in the same complex! When did this happen?), then south to Fountain and over to Fairfax. A brief shimmy south on Fairfax to Melrose, where the ABC shows still have the monopoly on the bus posters in this area -- nothing but Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money.

(The Jamba Juice on Melrose: gone. Both Jamba Juices in Beverly Hills are gone as well. Hmm...)

East on Melrose to La Brea, and there's where I spotted Claire. And there's where I discovered my digital camera, which held a charge long enough yesterday to take one meager photo of Ando before dying, wasn't even going to give me that today: it was dead.

Headed toward home south on La Brea, which is where I noticed the Niki poster. Got home, recharged my failing little camera, and walked back up La Brea. Snagged Niki, snagged Claire, camera died, went home via the tar pits. Took a cold bath, decided I really need a better camera.

Wrote a blog post about it.

So, four posters down. Eight to go. And I can already hear my dad saying, "If only you devoted this time and energy to studying quantum mechanics..."


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