Heroes Invasion

At left: Heroes continues its promotional onslaught around Los Angeles. This Heroes-bedazzled building is on Wilshire just west of Fairfax; the TV Guide building on Hollywood Boulevard has received similar treatment. No new individual-character bus stop posters sighted today, though I cut a good swath through Hollywood and West Hollywood on my walk: Wilshire from Fairfax to La Brea, La Brea up to Hollywood, Hollywood over to Highland, Highland down to Santa Monica, Santa Monica over to Fairfax, down Fairfax to Olympic, scrutinizing bus stops all the while. Looks like they’re rolling out the individual-character posters slowly, perhaps to drag out the suspense for people like me. Or perhaps there’s no room left over for Heroes now that Pushing Daisies has blanketed the city with its own bus posters (I counted well over a dozen Pushing Daisies posters along Santa Monica alone. Which is fine--glad to see it survived the strike after all--but it’s the same damn poster! Heroes has twelve different character posters, eleven of which I have yet to spot!). I remain ever vigilant.

Evidently I'm a sucker for a well-done marketing blitz, because tracking down these posters somehow seems very, very important to me right now.

I could really use a job. Or a time-consuming hobby.

On that front, yesterday I finished the treatment for the as-yet-untitled horror film screenplay I’m writing for the ever-fantastic Morgan Dodge (henceforth to be referred to as Boy-Morgan to avoid confusion. When I mentioned to my sister I was working on Morgan’s film, she assumed I was referring to myself in the third person, which would be just awfully special of me). Anyway, the horror film script looks to be in pretty good shape thus far. It’s gory, it’s funny, it’s creepy, it’s loopy. It has judicious doses of both sex and violence. It’s chock-full of needless One Day at a Time homages. It features an adorable chainsaw-wielding school-uniform-wearing Asian punk girl. I’m happy with it, Boy-Morgan is happy with it, and as soon as he gets the thumbs-up on his prospective filming site (much of the plot is pretty location-specific), I’m going to go ahead and blaze through a first draft of it. It’s good to have a project. And this might even be more fulfilling than wandering through the city in search of Heroes posters.


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