Mohinder is pretty.

I came across this on my walk today: a downright snazzy bus poster of Mohinder from Heroes on the corner of La Cienega and Whitworth.

We're less than a month away from the premiere of Season Three of Heroes, at which time I'll be resuming my weekly episode recaps. In the meantime, my reviews of Volume One can be found here, Volume Two can be found here, and my miscellaneous Heroes-related posts, including my account of meeting those damn pretty cast members--yes, I'm looking at you, Mohinder--during the WGA strike, can be found here.

(For anyone who clicked through, I have precious little to add, other than to note that I get a spike in my blog hits whenever I mention the name "Sendhil Ramamurthy". According to Google Analytics, my most popular post by a landslide is my Ultimate Force guide, which was discovered by ninety-six people using the specific keywords "Sendhil Ramamurthy Ultimate Force" alone. Intriguing...)


Morgan Dodge said…
Are you absolutely certain that Mohinder is pretty?
Morgan Richter said…
Having given the topic long and careful consideration, I'd have to say yeah, Mohinder is pretty. Except in that otherwise awesome first-season Evil Alternate Future episode where he sports an unfortunate beard. The stubble is great; the full-on scruff not so much. I love Mohinder. Snappy dresser, too. No one else rocks a long striped scarf like he does.

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