Shady Characters: Angela Petrelli & Noah Bennet

Racked up another two Heroes bus posters today, both in West L.A.: Angela Petrelli, spotted on Olympic at Sawtelle, and Noah Bennet, found on Overland at Pico.

Good to see that Angela, after two seasons of providing sterling supporting villainy, has been booted up to a series regular. Great poster, too. However, I'm chagrined to report that I did not manage to get a single shot of the Angela poster that did not feature the phantom image of Morgan Richter, Ace Photographer, reflected in it.


(Good poster of Noah, too. As much as I liked him in the first season, I've been a little down on Noah--HRG, if you prefer--since last season, where he was less "coldly competent enigma" and more "ineffectual dickwad". However, it's a brand new season. As far as I'm concerned, the slate's clean.)

The original plan was to hunt for posters at the beach. I was feeling a little logy from all the walking this week, so I hopped a westbound bus on Wilshire and got off in Brentwood at Barrington, at the site of the Ando poster I found on Wednesday, then started walking towards the beach from there.

Once I crossed into the City of Santa Monica, however, the bus shelters dried up. No bus shelters = no bus posters. I walked down to Santa Monica Boulevard but ran into the same problem there. So I scratched the beach idea and backtracked east to Bundy, then headed south to Olympic, right by the production offices of a narful television show where I used to work (hint: rhymes with "Zamerica's Runniest Foam Gideos"). Went east on Olympic and found Angela right around the cluster of Japanese shops and restaurants that have sprung up in that area. I went south to Pico at Westwood Boulevard, because a) I knew from experience I was entering a long, hot stretch of Olympic with very few bus shelters, and b) by this point I needed to utilize the restrooms at the Westside Pavilion. And there was Noah Bennet, right along the east end of the mall. Headed back on Pico -- saw a duplicate Noah, a duplicate Claire, a duplicate Nathan -- then up Fairfax to home.

So I'm 75% there, with three posters left to find: Sylar, Matt, and Maya. I'm a little surprised Sylar's been so tricky to hunt down; I sort of expected to find his villainous mug plastered all over the place.

Today's mileage: a reasonable 9.7 miles. I'm aiming for even less distance tomorrow: my legs are starting to protest that they need a break, so I think I'm going to cross my fingers and hope I get lucky around the Park La Brea/Hancock Park area.

Onward, upward.


Anonymous said…
Yay for Noah! This season I'm sure he'll continue to kick ass!
Morgan Richter said…
I hope so -- I have complete faith in Jack Coleman's ability to nail that character, but I think sometimes the writing for Noah missed the target last season. Still, I have my fingers crossed for a great season.

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