Trifecta: Hiro, Peter, Nathan

Hunted down three more Heroes bus posters today: Hiro, Peter, and Nathan. I found Hiro on Wilshire at Mansfield in the Hancock Park area, Peter on Wilshire at Norton in Koreatown, and Nathan on Olympic and Union just west of downtown.

In light of all the camera trouble I've been having this week, these photos were taken with an Aries digital camera I picked up at Walgreens for a big twenty smackeroos. It's sort of a Fisher-Price My First Digital Camera--it's chunky and plastic, and the resolution, as you can tell, is a little wonky--but you know what? It gets the job done. Runs on two AAA batteries, has ample memory, works just fine. For the price, I have no complaints.

I also spotted another Hiro and another Claire, and a staggering four Mohinder posters (three on Wilshire. Mohinder pwns Wilshire!). Mohinder, my love, it's fantastic seeing your beautiful face plastered about my fair city, but in the interest of me finding the remaining posters before my poor stumpy legs give out, consider ceding some territory to your castmates, okay?

Today's mileage: factoring in some dithering around the downtown area, about an even fifteen.

(It's probably obvious this isn't really about finding the posters, and is more about being frustrated and discouraged and needing some sense of accomplishment. I have too many projects where I don't seem to be making much progress: finding a production job, finishing my screenplay, securing a book agent. I can't seem to complete any of those things right now, but I have a better than even chance of tracking down every single bleeding last Heroes poster. I take my victories where I can find them.)

Today's route: due east on Wilshire from about the 5600 block on the Miracle Mile to Wilshire's downtown origin. It's a good, scenic walk, through Koreatown and MacArthur Park (sing it with me: "Someone left a cake out in the rain..."), past that strange yet awesome mural of Jaime Escalante hugging Edward James Olmos (in costume as Jaime Escalante for Stand and Deliver) on a building at Wilshire and Alvarado, and ending at the cluster of downtown skyscrapers. Once downtown, in keeping with the Heroes theme, I snapped a quick photo of the double helix-esque sculpture at City National Plaza, aka Kirby Plaza.

I hit the Famima!! on Figueroa for restorative cold green tea, a cappuccino cupcake, and a delightful little something called Chicken Curry Fried Bread. Those are four of my favorite words. When you walk fifteen miles, you can eat a fried bread-and-cupcake lunch with impunity.

I walked back on Olympic, past the blocks-long sprawl of construction for the new entertaiment complex rising up next to the Staples Center, through more of Koreatown, retracing part of the route I ran in the 2006 Marathon. Started getting a little bit heat-sick and dazed in the afternoon sun around this time. Detoured south on La Brea to San Vicente, hit Starbucks for a restorative iced coffee (the barristas were unduly gentle and kind with me, which leads me to think I probably looked frazzled and out of my mind), then on toward home. Another cold bath, another blog post.

By my count, there are five posters remaining: Sylar, Noah Bennet, Matt, Maya, and Angela Petrelli. On the positive side, there seem to be more posters going up all the time; on the other hand, the fewer posters I have left to find, the more I'm likely to keep running into repeats. Tomorrow I'll try the beaches.


Morgan Dodge said…
Doesn't it seem like you should get something for finding them all? Like if life were a video game that's when the little ghosts turn blue and you can eat them instead of them killing you. You know?
Morgan Richter said…
A small trophy of some sort would be lovely. Nothing much, perhaps just a little commemorative plaque.

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