Un-Special Ando!

Found another Heroes bus poster, this one of Ando, located at the bus stop on Wilshire and Barrington in Brentwood. These posters are proving tricky to find -- I spotted this one only after walking through Beverly Hills along Wilshire (a totally wasted effort, as it turns out, because, whilst Wilshire has about eight thousand bus stops through Beverly Hills -- number possibly exaggerated for comic effect -- none of them have bus shelters and hence, no bus posters), then dropping down on Santa Monica to Westwood (another wasted effort -- no bus shelters along that stretch of Santa Monica, either), up Westwood Boulevard to Westwood Village, where I scouted for bus posters around UCLA, then back down to Wilshire again and over to Brentwood. And there was Ando. Managed to snap off one photo before my camera died, then I hopped the bus home.

I could make a snide comment at this point about how a ten-mile walk is a lot of effort just to get a look at a poster of Ando ("Un-special Ando", as Hiro dubbed him in Season One), but heck, I like Ando, I like James Kyson Lee, and I'm thrilled he gets his own damn poster.

Two posters down, ten to go.


Morgan Dodge said…
Uh oh. Is it still that camera? Or do you have a new only semi-functioning camera now?

I'm still holding out for you to find the Kristen Bell one, please.
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. No, this is a totally different semi-functioning camera. Earlier today, I was futzing around with the semi-functioning camera you gave me, and... well, "semi" is a little optimistic at this point. The one I'm using is an old digital one of Ingrid's. It doesn't hold a charge very well (Ingrid advises me to ignore the little indicator that suggests it's fully charged). I managed to snap that one photo of Ando before it went dead.

I hate to be the one to break this to you, hon: there's no Kristen Bell poster. I know. Twelve different posters, and no Elle. Would it make you feel better if I tracked down the Dania Ramirez poster for you? She's plenty hot.
Ingrid said…
Hello to both Morgans!

The camera in question is an old Logitech pocket digital camera from 2002: http://tinyurl.com/6yfw4k Adorably small and cute, but no flash and it doesn't hold a charge for more than a heartbeat.

It served me well in Hong Kong, where I could pretend I was an international spy instead of merely a geeky tourist.

Will keep an eye out for further Heroes posters in New York. In a city this large, there has to be a few kicking around somewhere.
Morgan Dodge said…
Well, that camera used to work, I promise. Sorry its days were numbered by the time it got to you. I guess any camera that works better after you smack it is on borrowed time anyways.

Ok, no KB poster? I'm offended. Although you are right. Dania Ramirez is pretty hot.

Happy Wednesday!
Morgan Richter said…
Boy-Morgan: Yeah, sadly KB isn't a regular this coming season, though she'll be making guest appearances. Maya is a regular, though, which I'm happy about, just because she got a bum deal last season, plotwise, and it'd be nice if they could do right by her and give her something cool to do. Also, Dania is so damn beautiful and has a whole lot of personality. At the WGA strike, she was one of my favorite cast members to talk to (second only to lovely Sendhil, and squarely tied with Coleman and Grunberg).

Ingrid: Your itty-bitty camera is awesomely discreet, though I still felt like a bit of an ass yesterday snapping photos of the bus stop while people were, y'know, just trying to wait for the bus in peace. The things I do for Heroes...

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