At long last: Sylar

Epic Heroes Poster Quest Update: I found Sylar today, along Third just east of the Grove. Finally.

I have no excuse for not finding this one earlier. I spend a great deal of time at the Grove in any given week. I was there Tuesday night, in fact, following a fruitless day of poster-hunting, dining with a friend at the Whisper Lounge (we split the tuna tartare, a shrimp cocktail, and an awesome hummus platter. I like food) before watching Hamlet 2 (thumbs up: "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" is worth the hype). We drove right past the poster. Would've been swell if I'd spotted Sylar then.

Yup, the photo's crap, isn't it? I took about eight pictures, and this was the best of a crummy lot. High noon on a cloud-free summer day in Los Angeles, with the midday sun reflecting off of glass... yeah, it's not good. Apologies. And yes, once again, you can see my phantom reflection in the photo.

(Still, it's all relative--if you think that phantom image is bad, check out this one of Mohinder I took in Koreatown last week, in which my reflection is almost more visible than the poster. I'm fighting an uphill battle here.)

Great merciful Zeus, this is getting hard. I struck out yesterday in my attempt to find one of these few remaining posters. Yesterday's route: east on Melrose from Highland. I went through Hollywood, past the Paramount lot and over to Western, where I headed north to Sunset. East on Sunset to Vine, south on Vine/Rossmore to Beverly, a quick layover on Larchmont to rehydrate at Jamba Juice, then I dropped down to Third and headed west toward home. Total mileage: 11.77. Spotted two Andos and two Angelas, but no Sylar, no Matt, no Maya. Failure!

Today: Started out west on Pico to La Cienega. I'm saddened to report that Mo' Better Meaty Meat Burgers on Pico and Fairfax is now a Walgreens. I never got around to eating at Mo' Better Meaty Meat Burgers, but I sure did like the name. I went south on La Cienega to Venice and headed west through Culver City. Culver City was a bust--I only found one miserable, paltry poster of Peter Petrelli (nearby Sony Pictures had an iron grip on the bus shelters: so many House Bunny posters!). I crossed through the neighborhoods of Palms and Rancho Park: north on Overland to Pico, west on Pico to Sawtelle, north to Olympic. Caught a bus on Olympic to Avenue of the Stars, then systematically walked through all the streets of Century City--Galaxy, Constellation, Century Park East, Century Park West--but only spotted one repeat Niki poster. Scooted over into adjoining Beverly Hills and walked along Santa Monica to Beverly Boulevard. Took Beverly east through West Hollywood (detoured at Bristol Farms for bread and Gatorade) to Fairfax, dropped down to Third at the Farmers Market, then walked past the Grove. And there was Sylar.

Mileage on foot today, not counting the stretch on the bus: 7.67 miles for the first leg of my journey, 8.15 miles for the remainder, for a total of 15.82 miles.

Getting a little tired of this, frankly.

Tomorrow I'm picking up a day pass for the bus and checking out some of the areas that are difficult to reach on foot. NBC is in Burbank, and I have a hunch that area might be fair teeming with Heroes posters (as Sam Gamgee might say, if he were so inclined as to go hunting for Heroes posters). Only Maya and Matt are left: if I can scratch them both off my list tomorrow and be done with this, I'll be ever so happy.


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