Chickenjoy and Yumburgers

I walked to Glendale today. Somewhere in Atwater Village, as I was hoofing it along Los Feliz Boulevard, this Heroes-decorated bus whizzed past me. Notice the prominent image of Maya, whose solo character poster is still nowhere to be found on bus shelters anywhere in Los Angeles. Damn it, I feel like she's taunting me. If she's emblazoned across the side of a bus, she's got to be on a bus poster somewhere in the city. Right?

Some have theorized that Maya's poster isn't at any of the bus stops because she's not an especially popular character. Working on that theory, based upon the general number of posters I've seen throughout L.A., the most popular character on Heroes is... Ando. I've seen more Ando posters than anyone else, though he's followed closely by Mohinder. Least popular posters, apart from Maya: Peter, Hiro, and Matt.

Yeah. That popularity theory kinda breaks down under scrutiny, doesn't it?

Kind of a sucky walk, actually. I had some jerk in a van following me from Griffith Park all the way to the outskirts of Glendale. He kept honking and heckling, then he'd circle the block so he'd be waiting at the intersection whenever I'd cross, then he'd double back to drive past me again. I finally got rid of him by making a big show of taking a photo of his license plate, then I ducked inside a mini-mart until he abandoned the game. Hey, drivers? Don't do this sort of crap.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with the fantastic Heather Stewart about obscure fast-food chains, and we both mentioned our mutual fascination with/confusion about Jollibee. Jollibee is a Philippines-based fast-food franchise; it has a restaurant in Los Angeles on Beverly between Vermont and New Hampshire, in a Central American neighborhood located in Koreatown (...I know. Just go with it). I walked by Jollibee this morning, en route to Glendale, and snapped a photo. I love the general lunacy of the Jollibee decor (doesn't "Jollibee" sound like it belongs in an L. Frank Baum book? Didn't Dorothy encounter the Jollibees in Oz along with the Whimsys and the Cuttenclips and the Fuddles?). The gleeful bee mascot (just look at him, peeking cheerily out of the window) and the signs advertising Crispy Chickenjoy and Juicy Yumburgers (Chickenjoy? Really?) never fail to brighten my day.

I've never eaten at Jollibee, but apparently their signature dish is... spaghetti. I mean, obviously.


Morgan Dodge said…
Jollibee spaghetti? It boggles the mind. Maybe for my next visit? Luna Park nothin'!

Creepy guys in vans... did he offer you a cookie at any point? Some people are just freaks (and not in a good way).
Morgan Richter said…
We might have to do a special Jollibee visit next time you're out. Apparently their spaghetti is pretty sweet -- it's more of a BBQ sauce than a marinara.

It's a huge downside to being a pedestrian in L.A.: creepy guys in vans. Or creepy guys in cars. I did actually have a guy in a van give me a cookie once when I was out walking... but he was a delivery boy for a local deli and not at all creepy. Gave me a cookie and his phone number written on a deli napkin.
Ingrid Richter said…
I can't tell if that's a genius way to pick up gals or a really, really bad way. Free cookies, sheesh!

Glad you made it home safe....
Morgan Richter said…
That was when I was working at Paramount, and he made deliveries for one of the restaurants on Larchmont, so we'd see each other around a lot. Made it a lot less skeezy than just some random dude in a van giving me cookies.

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