Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Eight: Villains

It’s that time again. You know how every season Heroes whips together a flashback episode that takes another look at past events and tries to explain them in new and nonsensical ways? That’s what we get this week. Alas, unlike past seasons, this particular flashback episode is sort of crappy. I suppose this was inevitable: the season’s been firing on all cylinders thus far, so it was past due for a clunker. On the plus side, this episode marks the debut of a snazzy new “Villains” logo to replace the usual “Heroes” title card. It’s not much, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

The episode kicks off with a rambling Mohinderlogue about the nature of good and evil. Hiro, in Africa with Ando and Usutu, takes a drug-induced spirit walk back in time to New York eighteen months ago, back when Peter was a sweet-natured nurse and still had those attractive floppy bangs. Angela and Arthur Petrelli throw a swanky bash to celebrate Nathan’s promotion to assistant district attorney. Arthur reads Nathan’s mind--hey, Arthur can read minds?--and discovers Nathan is planning on prosecuting family friend Linderman on corruption charges. Arthur tries to steer Nathan off of this course; when Nathan refuses to back down, Arthur decides to have him whacked. We see footage from the first season’s flashback episode, in which a mysterious van runs Nathan and his then-wife Heidi (remember Heidi?) off the road, thus triggering Nathan’s power of flight for the first time, but leaving Heidi paralyzed.

When Angela asks Arthur if he ordered the hit on Nathan, Arthur denies everything. After Angela witnesses Linderman and Arthur discussing the murder attempt, Arthur uses his mental abilities to manipulate her into agreeing Nathan has to die. Later, a contrite Linderman uses his healing power to mend the damage Arthur’s psychic manipulations have done to Angela’s brain, which restores her memories. With the aid of the Haitian, Angela poisons Arthur in revenge, but Nathan, believing his father has had a heart attack, rushes him to the hospital. Arthur, alive but paralyzed, manipulates the doctor into telling Angela and Nathan he was unable to revive him.

Memphis, one year ago: Hey, you know that one bank-robbing, flame-throwing Level Five escapee who joined up with Arthur Petrelli’s merry band of ne’er-do-wells and whose name I couldn’t be bothered to look up? It’s Flint. His name’s Flint, and as it turns out, he’s Meredith’s brother. Flint and Meredith knock over a convenience store with their fiery powers, but are thwarted by extinguisher-toting Company boss Thompson. Welcome back, Special Guest Star Eric Roberts! I wish you could stick around. The Company just hasn’t been the same since Noah Bennet shot you in the head. Thompson apprehends Meredith and tells her the Company wants to train her as an agent. Meredith agrees, but revolts when she discovers Thompson has also secretly captured and imprisoned her brother. Meredith and Flint break out and jump on a train heading through Texas, with Thompson hot on their trail. It all somehow culminates in a big train derailment and explosion. Flint gets away, but Thompson nabs Meredith. When Meredith tells Thompson the Company was responsible for her daughter Claire’s purported fiery death, Thompson takes pity on her and sets her free.

Meanwhile, in the background, Texas cheerleader Claire runs into the burning train, thus recreating the events of the pilot episode.

Brooklyn, one year ago: Sylar, filled with guilt over murdering Brian Davis to steal his power of telekinesis, tries to hang himself in his watch-repair shop. Elle bursts in and saves his life. Elle, of course, is secretly working with Noah Bennet to observe Sylar for the Company. Elle wonders why they don’t simply apprehend Sylar, since they already know he’s a murderer; Bennet yammers on about whale migration patterns and pie. This makes about as much sense as anything else this episode.

So Elle brings Sylar a pie. Apparently this is shorthand for expressing romantic interest, because shortly thereafter, Sylar is calling her his angel and confiding in her about his powers. Huh. You know, I like Elle. I like Sylar. I think Kristin Bell and Zachary Quinto are tremendously charismatic actors, and in theory I support the idea of a scorching, tumultuous, super-charged Sylar-Elle relationship, fueled by their mutual craziness and penchant for violence. And yet all the tepid blushing and stammering and eye-batting in this episode falls flat and seems… wrong. Very, very wrong.

Sylar tells Elle he has an overwhelming urge to kill people for their powers, but he’s been able to keep it under control since he met her (because she gives him a purpose in life and makes him feel special, yadda yadda). Elle thinks Sylar is redeemable, provided he can keep a leash on his murderous impulses. Bennet tells Elle their orders from the Company are to observe Sylar killing someone. Why? Why on earth would this be the Company’s plan? Why would they decide to kick back and watch while Sylar becomes too powerful for them to control? You know how on the new Battlestar Galactica they’re always going on about how the Cylons have this brilliant secret plan, and then as the series unfolds it becomes more and more apparent that the Cylons are, in fact, just winging it? That’s the Company in a nutshell. No wonder they've burned through three leaders in as many seasons.

Elle invites some guy named Trevor to join her and Sylar for dinner. Elle talks Trevor into demonstrating his ability--shattering glass from a distance--which kicks Sylar’s urge to kill into overdrive. Sylar lops off the top of Trevor’s head while Elle flees.

Later, Elle rants to Bennet about driving Sylar to kill again, arguing that they could have saved him instead. Bennet blows off her concerns and, in another recreation of a scene from the pilot episode, hops into a cab driven by Mohinder, the most glamorous cabbie in New York. So if Mohinder is in New York at this point, this means Sylar has already brutally murdered Chandra Suresh, who didn’t even have any powers for Sylar to steal. Thus the attempt in this episode to paint Sylar as a sweet guy who’s just overwhelmed by his abilities seems a bit, shall we say, disingenuous. Almost as disingenuous as the attempt to paint Linderman, Volume One’s genocidal baddie, as a kind-hearted but powerless patsy to Arthur Petrelli, or the attempt to paint Angela Petrelli as fragile yet fiercely devoted to her sons. Heroes, you know I love you, but please try not to have your dramatic revelations damage the fundamentals of your characters.

In present-day Africa, Hiro wakes from his trance and tells Ando that Arthur Petrelli is alive. Nearby, Usutu yells in terror. Hiro and Ando rush over to him and find his beheaded and bloody corpse. Arthur Petrelli steps out of nowhere and grabs Hiro.

Wow. I didn’t see that coming at all. That was a pretty great ending: brutal and genuinely surprising, and a vast improvement over the wan, slipshod forty-three minutes preceding it. Let’s hope the next episode picks up that momentum and runs with it.


josh jackson said…
I don't know. I thought this epsiode had a nice little full-circle feel to it, tying in the trainwreck with Claire's coming-out rescue. I thought Mohinder being Dad's cab driver was a little forced, but other than that I pretty much enjoyed this episode.

OMG Arthur tore off Ubuntu's head! That's cool in a supervillain sort of way. This was the high point of the episode.

Did anyone see that awful hip-hopish thing that Matt and Ando were doing right before the start of the show? Some sort of NCB jingle air remix. I was both horrified and mesmerized. It was like watching a car accident!

My favorite this episode was Flint; Meredith's earnest, retarded, pyrokinetic sidekick baby brother. "I'm gonna be a secret agent! Oops! I made a doody in my pants."

I think I was in a forgiving mood for this episode, since I just flipped channels after watching one of my other tv guilty pleasures.
Morgan Richter said…
I was cool with the entire Thompson-Meredith-Flint plotline, including the nod to the train wreck in the pilot. Great to see Eric Roberts back, even only for an episode. And I loved the ending. What I didn't like was how wishy-washy and out of character Angela, Linderman, Sylar and Elle all were. Sheesh! These are our ruthless villains! All of a sudden Angela likes her sons and wants to protect them? Where did that come from? Linderman's really a sweet guy at heart? Elle's not the crazy nymphet we met last season? And as for Sylar... egad. I don't mind the current efforts to rehabilitate him so much. What I do object to, strenuously, are attempts to retcon his past actions to suggest he really wasn't that bad. Yeah, he was. We all saw it. He broke Chandra Suresh's neck for no real reason, and that had nothing to do with an uncontrollable urge to gather more powers. That was just him being a psychotic dickwad, and I like him that way.

Oh, lord, the Greg/Masi NBC promo almost did me in. It was an ominous portent to the episode.
Ingrid Richter said…
Let's see, here are my favorite moments from last night's episode:

1) Angela Petrelli's lines: "I changed the recipe" for her poisoned lentil soup and "I'd like immediate cremation" with the news of her husband's death

2) Sylar's strange look when Elle invites emo guy along on their date. I could almost see her trying to set up an impromptu blind date between them...

3)It was nice seeing Peter with his long, emo bangs again. Ah, the Petrellis!

Here are my least-favorite moments:

A) Angela and her wiped mind. Getting tired of the men on the show (Bennett/Mr. Petrelli) messing around with their spouses brains.

B) Misunderstood Sylar and Elle. Keep the psycho killers psycho.

C) Hiro's 'information' learned on his spirit trip - it's too little, too late and I couldn't see any reason why he needed to go on a journey to find this sort of stuff out. Why not just have a regular flashback episode without the framing device?

Anyway, is it wrong of me to really, really like Sylar's apartment in Queens? So clean and all those books!
Morgan Dodge said…
Sylar's apartment was fantastic. Who doesn't need books instead of wallpaper?

All around I liked it, even though it ruthlessly left out what certain pivotal characters were doing "One year ago."

I like that Claire's mommy started her train fire. I liked knowing what put Nathan's wife in the wheel chair. (Where did his wife go again?)

Let's just hope that next time Skulky and Kaito Nakamura aren't left out of their flash back antics.
Morgan Richter said…
Getting tired of the men on the show (Bennett/Mr. Petrelli) messing around with their spouses brains.

Word. Especially since it causes them, y'know, permanent brain damage. Not cool, guys. I'm still peeved that HRG never got his comeuppance for damaging Sandra's brain. We didn't even get a scene where Sandra said, "Hey, honey, that was a really lousy thing for you to do."

Granted, it's been established that Arthur is a bad, bad man, but I thought the episode did evil, steely, cutthroat Angela a grave disservice by having her take such a passive, docile role in her marriage. However, she does get points for poisoning his lentils.

I did like HRG being an out-and-out bastard and clearly doing a terrible thing by goading Elle to make Sylar kill again. The show runs into problems when they try to make HRG sympathetic, but he makes a pretty effective force of evil.

(Where did his wife go again?)

Good old Angela convinced Heidi that Nathan was a nutjob after Peter exploded with him over the city. Because Angela is sneaky and evil. Not that you'd know it from yesterday's episode.
josh jackson said…
You guys act like being a doting mother and a ruthless evil genius bitch are somehow mutually exclusive. It's okay to be instrumental in a plot to destroy the world, but nobody better harm a hair on the heads of mommy's little darlings!
Ingrid Richter said…
Hmm, Angela seems like one of the least doting mothers I've ever seen on TV. Infanticide and city-destroying sons and whatnot...
Morgan Richter said…
One of the interesting things about Angela has always been how she'd sacrifice her sons in a heartbeat for whatever evil scheme she was working on, i.e. using Peter to blow up New York. Very Angela Lansbury in the original Manchurian Candidate. So it feels like a copout that they played the "she's a devoted mother, really" card yesterday, since it was transparently in the service of establishing Arthur as the colder, more ruthless parent. Sorry, Arthur -- Angela staked out that territory first. Get in line.

I suppose I could buy that Angela wouldn't want anyone else harming Nathan or Peter, but still, it doesn't explain how meek and fragile she seemed in the episode. Why can't both Petrelli parents be equally evil and awesome?

Similarly, I don't think they needed to help establish Arthur as a badass by making Linderman look weak and fawning by comparison. By this point, I'm sold on Arthur being well and truly evil; there's no need to diminish two other stellar villains just to drill it home that Arthur is a force to be reckoned with. (Because there's no situation that doesn't warrant a Star Wars comparison: In Empire Strikes Back, we didn't suddenly see Darth Vader tripping over his cloak and stammering over his words once the Emperor was introduced, did we?)

Ah, well. Wasn't my favorite episode, but it ended with a bang.
Dan said…
If that last scene was a dream, hoax or imaginary story, I'm going to be peeved.

Boy, Elle sure knows how to work the jealousy angle, huh? "Oh, look, Sylar. This guy's got a tiny subset of your ability. Isn't that dreamy? (giggles) Do it again, Sylar Fodder Emo! Do it again. (moans in esctasy) Oh, that's wonderful. Did you see him, Sylar? Did you?"

I'd have killed him, too. It's like a girl who Michael Phelps likes going up to him and saying "You should see this other guy I've met. He's amazing! He can put his face in the water!!"

Of course, Michael Phelps doesn't respond to such provocation by slicing people's heads open and fooling around with their brains.

At least, not as far as I'm aware.
Morgan Richter said…
It would add staggering new dimensions to Phelps if he developed a penchant for slicing open heads and prodding in brains. (Frankly, I've been wondering why we've heard so little from the Thorpedo lately). On the down side, all his lucrative endorsement deals would probably dry up.

In other news, I'm forming a band called Sylar Fodder Emo.

So, Sylar: hot, right? And Elle: also hot. So when Sylar and Elle hook up, they... bake ziti and talk about their feelings. Which is the diametric opposite of hot.

Weird. I'm still really confused and disappointed by that.
josh jackson said…
Can I play bass in your new band? I have zero musical talent!

I laugh out loud every time I read the comments here. You guys are brilliant. But I think Dan's comment was today's best:

"Oh, look, Sylar. This guy's got a tiny subset of your ability. Isn't that dreamy? (giggles) Do it again, Sylar Fodder Emo! Do it again. (moans in esctasy) Oh, that's wonderful. Did you see him, Sylar? Did you?"

I'd have killed him, too.

Morgan Richter said…
Dan is an international treasure. (Close your eyes for a minute, Dan. I don't want you getting an ego.) He made some comment here on a post about my rejection-letter coffee table from a couple months back that was just about the funniest damn thing I'd ever read -- it incorporated the phrase "Emergency Royal Postal Kangaroos", which I swear is going to be the name of my next band, after the inevitable messy breakup of Sylar Fodder Emo.

Josh, if you like Smallville, or if you loathe Smallville, or if you remain relatively indifferent to Smallville, or if you're only vaguely aware of the existence of a series named Smallville, I highly recommend a detour over to Dan's site to check out his recaps, as well as all the other goodness over there: http://www.astonishingtales.com/

(You can look now, Dan.)
Ingrid Richter said…
Can I join the Dan love-fest? I actually did laugh out loud with the Sylar/Phelps comparison....

I also chortled over Morgan's description of Darth Vader tripping over his cloak and stammering a lot.

You two are funny :-)
Morgan Richter said…
Aw, Ingrid, you don't have to stroke my ego just because we're blood relatives. I'll still give you the good linens and clean towels when you come visit for Thankgsiving.

So we have an episode that features only three plotlines (well, four, if you count the tag ending with poor unfortunate Usutu). We've got the Petrellis, we've got Sylar and Elle, and we've got... Meredith. Based upon this surprising burst of development and screentime for a heretofore peripheral character, what do you suppose is the probability of Meredith meeting an untimely yet no doubt heroic end before the end of this current volume? I'm putting it at about 85%.
Dan said…
Aw, shucks guys, thanks. I love y'all, too. (I do like the idea of being an 'international treasure' - makes me feel as if Indiana Jones will come looking for me one day. Also, if Nazis merely cast their gaze upon me, they'll melt.)

But back to more serious matters. Namely, how do you solve a problem like the Haitian?

On the one hand, you need to keep on his good side, otherwise your wife can just employ him as a waiter and then poison you to (fake) death.

On the other hand, if you get too buddy-buddy with him, he'll be popping over for a beer or to watch the wrestling, neutering your powers and bringing down your whole villainy timetable.

If I was Arthur Petrelli (and I hope to be someday), I'd have paid for the Haitian to go on a backpacking tour of Europe for a few years. "Haitian, dude. I really like you. A lot. Now, please, stay as far away from me as possible."

Also, does the Haitian have a name? I sure hope it's something like 'Karl'. Karl Haitian.
Dan said…
Oh, and Meredith is dead meat on a stick. How many parents does Claire-Bear need?
Ingrid Richter said…
Now see, Dan, if you were a 'national' treasure, we'd be forced to send Nicholas Cage after you.

All things considered, I'm rather surprised (and glad) that no one's offed the Haitian yet. He's the rainy day to everyone's mutant parade...
Dan said…
Now see, Dan, if you were a 'national' treasure, we'd be forced to send Nicholas Cage after you.

That's my number one reason for living down here. Well, that and the steady diet of gossip about Nicole Kidman.

And, yes, you'd think a sensible supervillain like Papa Petrelli might have decided the Haitian was too dangerous to live and reacted accordingly a while ago.

But, gosh darn it, he's just too freaking useful to kill. It's like when you finally clean out your garage of all those old Vegemite™ jars you've saved and the very next day you make too much apricot marmalade and have nowhere to store it.

Um, yes. That's what the Haitian's like, all right.

PS And don't think I haven't noticed your Skulky The Turtle Wonder homage on your avatar. Kudos.
Ingrid Richter said…
That, and the Haitian jacks up the coolness factor of a room by roughly 100%. Even when he's watching your death throes from Angela's poisoned lentils...

Morgan, didn't you have a neat story about the time you snagged a drink next to Jimmy Jean-Louis and Jack Coleman, or am I just imagining things?

Skulky will live on forever in avatars and Hong Kong comic book covers, I promise.
Ingrid Richter said…
Er, make that *especially* when he's watching your death throes...
Morgan Richter said…
Okay, here's my Bennet/Haitian story: it was at the after-party for the Jules Verne festival thingy last year. I was at the bar, and Jack Coleman and the fabulously-named Jimmy Jean-Louis sidled up next to me. Coleman asked Jimmy what he'd like to drink. Jimmy thought about it and answered that he'd like a Jack (Daniels) & Coke. Coleman feigned outrage and replied, "You can have a Coke, but you can't have Jack!"

I love Jack Coleman.
Ingrid Richter said…
Aw, thanks for posting it, Morgan! The story is as funny as I remember, and would make the start to a great true-life joke: "So Mr. Bennet and the Haitian walk into a bar..."
Morgan Richter said…
I was mostly just delighted to see those two hanging out together. It seemed so right, somehow. And it totally explains why I woke up two days later with no memory of what happened and these mysterious tracking marks on the back of my neck.

I can't help but notice this was the third Mohinder-free flashback episode (okay, we got the old footage of him driving HRG's cab, but I don't think that counts). I for one was keenly interested in finding out what Mohinder was doing a year ago. Even if the answer to that question is, as it's all too likely to be, "sitting in a dark room and frowning prettily at a computer screen."

(Claire and Matt were similarly shafted in terms of screen time, but I seem to be considerably less outraged about that.)
Morgan Dodge said…
I just want to take a moment to give Dan a big fuzzy hug. I have no idea why it's fuzzy, but isn't the man deserving?

Where was I? Oh, yes, Question:
If Pappy Petrelli were to take the Haitian's power, would he then be canceling out his own powers?
It's like the Haitian's power just doesn't play well with others. Bad, bad power. Should be ashamed of yourself.

I suppose the point is pointless since Pappy Patrelli's power to steal powers is useless with the Haitian anywhere around... unless he gets him in his sleep?

And who decided Vegemite™ was a good idea? What's going on down there? No squirrels AND Vegemite?
Morgan Richter said…
Boy-Morgan, I'd be careful. Dan is notoriously sensitive about his Vegemite. National pride and all.

So a handful of episodes back, when Peter was faffing about in the Evil Alternate Future, he was attacked by Evil Alternate Claire and the Evil Alternate Haitian, right? And Peter escaped and went to visit Sylar. So when Claire headed to Sylar's place to recapture Peter, she left the Haitian behind and took, er, Daphne and Knox.

I don't know. It just seems to me that if you're headed for a showdown with the two most powerful characters in the entire Heroes universe, you might want to bring the Haitian along for the ride. And maybe leave Daphne at home.
Dan said…
Hey, we get that nobody else gets Vegemite™.

I think, unless you're immersed in it from childhood, you're never really going to develop a taste for it.

It's just like cricket. Or racism.

Anyway, my favourite piece of Haitian-stupidity came from HRG earlier this year when Noah explained, with grim determination and purpose, that he would partner Sylar, but the instant he (HRG) found his (Sylar's) weakness, he would murder the living snot out of him.

This explanation was, of course, delivered to, uh, the Haitian. Who, I assume, rolled his eyes old-school, before leaving to become rhythm guitarist in Sylar Fodder Emo.
Dan said…
Just watched again with the missus. Two questions:

1 - Linderman mentioned to Papa Petrelli that he had a man in Montreal who might be able to kill Nathan properly? I assume we were supposed to recognize the reference. Adam Montoe? Was he in Montreal?

2 - Didn't Sylar and Elle interact at the end of Season Two? And no mention of their pie romance?
Morgan Richter said…
1. I am slow. Very, very slow. Because somehow that line went right over my head, but yes, Linderman would have been talking about Adam Monroe, who was in Montreal when amnesiac Peter met up with him following his Irish escapades. Unless... wait, no, prior to that, Adam had been imprisoned by the Company for years and only broke out well after Peter blew up at the end of Volume One. So during the whole flashback timeline, he'd still be securely in custody and thus unavailable to whack Nathan. Right?

The details of Volume Two are no longer occupying much space in my brain (I've deliberately blocked most of Peter's character arc), so I might be a little confused.

2. Yeah. To be fair, there really wasn't much time for a stroll down memory lane before Elle and Sylar started hurling electricity and/or shooting at each other, but still, there was precious little indication these two had ever had a sweet pie-and-ziti romance. Too bad, because I think Elle shouting "I baked you a pie!" before zapping Sylar would have been an awesome non-sequitur.
Ingrid Richter said…
Maybe there's another mutant in Montreal? Weren't Adam and Peter wandering around a thrift store of sorts before the time-travel?

Is it wrong for me to want to see a no-holds-barred fight between Sylar and Elle?

Eclipse mystery solved next week! Of course, eclipses are also responsible for zombies (if Night of the Living Dead is true, and it is)...
Morgan Richter said…
Ingrid, Io9 posted a spoilery promo pic of Sylar and Elle from Episode 11 today:

Y'know, whatever these two are up to in that photo, it's already more interesting than watching them bake ziti.
Ingrid Richter said…
Is that what those crazy kids are calling it these days? "Baking ziti?!?"

Thanks for the picture, Morgan :-)
Dan said…
1. Maybe Linderman was making a geeky Wolverine reference. Because he seems like the kind of guy who'd do that.

2. See... sometimes, just sometimes, planning ahead can be awesome. Forget the tie-in to Claire-Bear and the train rescue. If Elle had confronted Sylar with an enraged 'I baked you pie!!' at the end of last season, and that random (presumably insane) comment had only been explained tonight, I would have been so proud of our little Heroes writers.

Alas, not to be.
Morgan Richter said…
1. It's equally possible -- nay, probable -- that Linderman thought he could hire Montreal-born actor William Shatner to whack Nathan. (Why hasn't Shatner turned up on Heroes yet? This seems like a terrible oversight.)

2. Oh, man. If the Heroes writers had planned that far ahead and pulled it off, I would have personally baked them a scrumptious pie to reward them for their awesomeness.
josh jackson said…
So, two things that I'm pretty sure I can blame on the time I spend reading/writing comments here:

1. I had my first ever dream about Heroes. In my dream, Peter was a fat guy (with emo hair) stuck in an oil painting. But wait, there's more! It was a talking painting, and he pleaded incessantly with all passers-by to be stolen and delivered to Claire, who was actually Angela's daughter. Or maybe Claire was Angela. Details are fuzzy at this point.

2. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to io9.com. One click on the link Morgan provided, and I was mesmerized by spoiler alerts. Not sure if I need intervention, but I think I have a problem.
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. Josh, Ingrid was just telling me about a dream she had where she and I were having drinks with lovely Sendhil Ramamurthy, only I pulled a sneaky and underhanded manuever and snagged the seat right next to him, leaving her stranded. Which seems like a properly sisterly thing for me to do, actually. (Apparently I also kept telling him how beautiful he is, because the version of me that exists in Ingrid's subconsciousness is unfamiliar with the concept of restraint.) I can't say Heroes has invaded my dreams yet, but I suppose it's only a matter of time.

Io9 is an awesome time suck.
Ingrid Richter said…
I also remember being so afraid of calling him "Mohinder" that I ignored Sendhil entirely in my dream. The subconscious is a weird creature.
Morgan Dodge said…
Well, Ingrid, what's the point of talking to Sendhil at all with your sister, "The Piranha" there?

He really is pretty though. Don't you think? Not quite turticular, but still pretty.
Ingrid Richter said…
Sad thing was that I had moved over a seat to make space for him between me and Morgan. Morgan took it upon herself to move into the empty seat and give him hers. Such a sneaky move!
Morgan Richter said…
I refuse to feel guilty about any boorish behavior that took place in someone else's dream.

I suppose Sendhil's pretty. If flawless skin and thick, glossy curls and impeccable bone structure are your thing, sure, he'll do.

So how are we feeling about the possibility of a Sylar/Elle relationship? Is she going to turn out to be the mother of his future child, as glimpsed in the Evil Alternate Future? Or is the fact that he, y'know, recently MURDERED HER FATHER going to be too much of an obstacle for these crazy kids to overcome?
Dan said…
Sendhil's attractive??? I don't believe I've ever heard this theory before and I follow this blog rather closely.

As for Elle and Sylar, I think those crazy kids can make it work (despite any murdering of fathers that may or may not have taken place). But, then, I think Sylar can make it work with pretty much anybody. That's the man's true power.

(PS Boy-Morgan, nice use of 'turticular'.)
Ingrid Richter said…
I'm going to vote for Kima from "The Wire" as the mother of Sylar's kid...

I would say she's totally turticular, but that just doesn't seem right.
Morgan Richter said…
I'll second that vote. Kima rocks. Presumably a turkey baster will have to be involved somehow, because there's no way Kima's going to let Sylar near her otherwise. And seriously, in a steel-cage death match between the two, the smart money is on Kima.

Sendhil's attractive??? I don't believe I've ever heard this theory before and I follow this blog rather closely.

Well, I hadn't really given the matter much thought, honestly, but Boy-Morgan was going on and on about how pretty Sendhil is, and I didn't want him to feel left out. I'm considerate that way.

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