Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Thirteen: Dual

The final episode of Volume Three opens with that rarest of rarities: a Sylar monologue, in which he babbles on about cosmic jokes and the “dark proof of God’s absence.” Sheesh. Merry Christmas to you, too, Sylar.

After his brief flirtation with soul-searching and introspection, Sylar seems to have decided heroism is for losers. He storms the Primatech building and locks Claire, Angela, Bennet, and Meredith inside. While Angela and Claire hide out in Angela’s office, Meredith and Bennet head down to Level Five and release all the prisoners to use them as bait to trap Sylar. When Sylar attacks Meredith, puppet master Eric Doyle comes to her rescue. Sylar knocks Doyle out and stabs Meredith with a syringe full of adrenaline, which makes her abilities malfunction. He locks Bennet and Meredith in a cell together and scampers off to cause more mischief.

When Angela and a shotgun-toting Claire try to rescue Meredith and Bennet, Sylar attacks them and absconds with Angela. Claire sets Bennet and Meredith free, but Meredith, who can’t get her flames under control, insists on remaining behind so she won’t accidentally hurt anyone.

In Angela’s office, Sylar forces Angela to admit she’s not really his mother. Angela confesses to lying, but also claims to know the identity of his real parents. Before Sylar can kill Angela, Claire stabs him in the back of the head. On Level Five, Meredith loses her battle to control her powers and blows up the entire Primatech building – and ostensibly herself right along with it.

Meanwhile, Matt, Daphne, and Ando hang out in Mohinder’s lab. Ando is still hell-bent on implementing his crackpot scheme to give himself abilities so he can rescue Hiro. To that end, Daphne speeds off to Pinehearst to swipe the power-giving serum from Mohinder.

At Pinehearst, Nathan finds Peter standing over Arthur’s corpse. Peter wants to destroy the serum, while Nathan wants to carry out Arthur’s plan to give people abilities. The brothers get into a scuffle, which ends with Peter knocking out Nathan and heading down to the lab to destroy the serum.

Meanwhile, a dying Mohinder tries to inject himself with the corrected serum to fix his corrupted abilities. Peter bursts in and pulls a gun on him, then Daphne bursts in and swipes the syringe out of his hands, then Knox and Flint, who have arbitrarily decided to ally themselves with Peter (because they became fast friends with him during the earlier bank robbery? Yeah, I'm confused, too), burst in and manhandle him. Flint, who is looking for payback for the vicious, improbable beating Mohinder dished out, threatens to burn off Mohinder’s face. Aw, Flint, give him a break: Mohinder’s beautiful face has already been through far too much trauma lately.

So you remember the Marine who received super-powers last episode, the Marine who got a huge chunk of screentime and a fleshed-out backstory about his time in Iraq, the Marine with the painstaking character development that suggested he’d play an important part in future events? Yeah, he’s onscreen for about five seconds this episode before Knox breaks his neck. Knox then takes Nathan prisoner, but Tracy creeps up behind him, freezes him, and shatters him into a million pieces. Tracy urges Nathan to escape with her, but Nathan ditches her and heads to the lab to confront Peter.

Daphne returns to Mohinder’s lab with the serum. Ando injects himself and ends up with the ability to super-charge other people’s powers. When Ando uses his new ability on Daphne, she moves fast enough to travel through time. Matt uses the Theory of Relativity to explain how this is possible, and while it’s great to find out Matt has cracked open a science book or two, I will be just as happy if Matt never again starts a sentence with the phrase, “According to Einstein…” Ando and Daphne combine their powers to travel back in time to find Hiro.

Sixteen years in the past, Hiro dangles from a flagpole on the Deveaux building. He chats with a pigeon and struggles back up to the balcony. Inside the apartment, he runs into the adolescent version of himself. Hiro impersonates a chef and consoles Young Hiro over the death of his/their mother, then asks for his help breaking into the safe where Kaito keeps the powers-giving formula. Young Hiro, who is a trusting sort, agrees to this. Kaito catches Hiro stealing the formula and pulls a sword on him. Hiro attempts to defend himself with a baguette; Hiro, sweetie, I don’t want to have to warn you again about excessive zaniness. Hiro rips the formula in half, but before he can destroy it, Daphne and Ando zip in and transport him back to the present.

Hiro wants to finish the task of destroying the formula, so he and Daphne head over to Pinehearst. When they find Tracy stealing the formula from Arthur’s office, they swipe it away from her and zip off.

In the lab, Flint beats Mohinder unconscious. Peter dumps out buckets and buckets of the power-giving serum, which looks a lot like cherry Kool-Aid. Mohinder, who has spent an inordinate amount of time this season covered in gunk, manages to get drenched in the serum. Nathan arrives and starts whacking both Flint and Peter with a lead pipe. I’m not entirely sure why he does this; Nathan’s motivations became a little opaque around the time he decided Arthur’s plan for world domination via giving everyone super-powers sounded sensible and sane.

Flint torches the lab. Trapped by flames, Peter injects himself with the formula to get his abilities back, then flies away with Nathan. Once they’re safely away from Pinehearst, Peter and Nathan squabble some more. Nathan is furious with Peter for giving himself abilities, and I’ll be damned if I know why, seeing as: a) Peter just saved both their lives, and b) Nathan has been a big cheerleader for the idea of giving everyone else abilities. Nathan flies off in a huff. This is the point where I officially give up on trying to suss out what’s in Nathan’s head.

Mohinder staggers down the road away from Pinehearst. Tracy, who appears to bear him no ill will for that time he drugged her and strapped her down and tried to use her as a lab rat, pulls up and offers him a ride. Before hopping in, he spends an ungodly amount of time checking out his beautiful reflection in her windows. I'd mock his vanity, but I’m just thrilled to report that, yes, the icky crud is finally gone, gone, gone, and he's once again smooth-skinned and impossibly lovely.

Volume Three wraps up with a Mohinderlogue about Good and Evil over a montage of images: Bennet, Claire, and Angela watching Primatech go up in flames, Hiro ripping up the formula and exchanging bows with Ando, Daphne and Matt embracing, and a non-decapitated Usutu--or at least a vision of him--appearing to Matt. Meanwhile, Nathan gives the President files on everyone with powers and tells him he wants them all rounded up and imprisoned, which is all too X-Menny for words. The President, by the way, is played by Michael Dorn, and I’m giving fair warning: if he becomes a recurring character in Volume Four (“Fugitives”), I will not be able to resist the urge to refer to him President Worf.

So thus ends Volume Three, which was pretty consistently entertaining, warts and all. “Fugitives” starts up in early February, and provided Sylar stays evil and Mohinder stays beautiful, I’m looking forward to it.


josh jackson said…
So I'm watching Sylar orchestrate these mind games for Angela and the gang, and I'm curious about something. He's fiendish, and he's clever, but when did he become fiendishly clever? This season revealed a Sylar who's gullible and easily fooled. The season finally revealed a Sylar who, deep down, just wants to be loved. Could it be that he's only diabolical when he hugs his inner Sylar? Kudos to the writers for reverting Sylar back to villain status, but minus five million points for trying to make him tragic and suggesting that he's still redeemable.

I laughed hard when Knox killed the marine. When Nathan sicced the marine on the others, I had a vision of spectacular, one-sided violence. I envisioned the marine picking up very heavy things and embedding them in the wall. I foresaw a slow-motion, superpowered butt whooping that would've made Peckinpah proud.

And then Knox snapped his neck. Wrong branch of the military notwithstanding, I was tickled by the utter waste of a potentially good character. Sigh.

I scoffed and ranted at the claim that the formula injected into people was flammable. But then I cheered for you, Girl-Morgan, in the lab when the scales vanished off Mohinder's face after he got a mouthful of the flammable serum. Not sure what I'm expecting from the writers at this point...
Ingrid Richter said…
Paul the Samurai! I noticed a couple of The Tick references this episode: Daphne had her Speedster "I move fast - very fast" line, and Hiro does battle against a samurai with a loaf of french bread.

Aw, I liked the finale (and your review, Morgan) very, very much. I liked Sylar's Agatha Christie turn by locking everyone up in the house together and setting them against each other. I liked the Angela/Sylar showdown, I liked the Knox/Mohinder battle, I liked Peter's tiny cheek scar, and I liked the massive killing off of minor characters.

"Fugitives" worries me, though. I'm tired of this whole "Let's round up mutants and put them in concentration camps" plotline, and I refuse to feel bad for the actions of my fictitious non-mutant humans.

In spite of that, nicely done, Heroes. Nicely done.
Morgan Richter said…
I'm pretty sure Mohinder's formula is just a mixture of Kool-Aid, jet fuel, and carbolic acid. Toxic and flammable, yet with a delightful cherry scent and the unexpected bonus of marvelous skin-softening properties. I'm not sure anyone should be injecting it into themselves, or taking a quick bath in it, but it sure seems to work wonders.

Given the various indignities Mohinder was subjected to this season, it was pretty much a given he'd end the volume beaten unconscious and lying in a puddle of Kool-Aid.

Ah, yes, that fiendishly clever Sylar, moving our heroes around like chess pieces, placing them into diabolical life-or-death scenarios and forcing them to make cruel choices... where on earth did he come from? Not that I objected, but it seemed far more likely Sylar would skip the mind games and the chatty banter over the intercom and get right down to lopping heads.

I hope the next line of Heroes action figures includes Shotgun-Toting Claire and Impeccably-Coiffed Angela.

Paul the Samurai! Dude, Ingrid, what's wrong with me? I didn't even think of him when Hiro was wielding his mighty baguette. I surrender my comic-geek badge and hang my head in shame.

I'm hoping "Fugitives" isn't as --well, "derivative" sounds a little harsh, so I'll go with "deja vu-inducing" -- as it looks on first glance. And I'll send a muffin basket to the first person who can cohesively explain what's going through Nathan's addled brain. I've given both Sylar and Mohinder crap this season for being inconsistent, but Nathan just snuck up and stole the Mr. Flip-Flop crown from both of them.
Morgan Dodge said…
Well wasn't that fun?
(I missed Tick! references too, but then I never claimed to be a comic type geek.)

I'm a little bothered by the lack of Skulky. Hello? Spirit guide here!?!

I'm was having trouble with the flip-flop lack-of-logic way that Nathan makes his choices, right up until I remembered that the character is a politician.

Gee, what an original plot line. Rounding up the dangerous mutants. Amazing. You'd think someone at some point might have already done it with their own set of fictional mutants... [yawn].
Lou said…
Fun exciting episode & great recap as always. We got a Sylarlogue, woo hoo. Although I have to agree Girl-Morgan he couldve at least thrown in a reference to chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Or something.

It was definitely culling the guest stars time. Au revoir random-Marine, Knox, Meredith, Puppetman and Flint I presume. No chance of more Flohinder/Mint touch-ups, sorry, bust-ups. Boo hiss.

DuracellAndo! Poor boy doesnt even get his own proper power, just a useful recharger for others. Although his status as ultimate sidekick is now assured.

So Mohinder has another couple of lucky escapes. First from the scales then crawling away from the Pinehearst lab explosion just in time. He sure does love his reflection. And who can blame him? Yay for the the pretty.

I guess we are supposed to believe Sylar is dead until someone pulls out the glass? Good luck to the pathologist stuck with that one.

I have no idea who Paul the Samurai is. Yes I feel suitably ashamed of myself.
Morgan Richter said…
Excellent point, Boy-Morgan. Nathan is a politician. Flip-flopping is in his blood. Give everyone super-powers in the morning, imprison everyone for having super-powers in the evening. Makes perfect politician sense.

Meredith... I'm really not sure fire can kill Meredith, so unless they discover she was crushed by a falling beam, she might still surface at some point down the road. And have faith, Lou: Flint flat-out said he couldn't be killed in a fire, so it might be safe to assume he's lived to manhandle Mohinder again another day. At least I hope so. I'm feeling the Flohinder.

Despite my misgivings about "Fugitives", I was wholly charmed by the bit in the fleeting teaser (don't know if everyone got a chance to see this -- it rolled over credits during the NBC airing) in which Peter and Mohinder reenact the cab scene from the pilot episode, except in response to Peter's query, "Did you ever get the feeling like you were meant to do something extraordinary?", Mo replies, "I used to. Turns out I was mistaken", and then they both erupt into huge grins and giggles. It's adorable, especially considering we've never seen these two characters having any amount of fun together. Added bonus: self-awareness! If ever two characters were in need of a heady dose of self-awareness, it'd be Peter and Mo.

(And I'm also delighted by the suggestion that Mo will go back to being New York's most glamorous cab driver. Stick to your strengths, Mohinder.)
josh jackson said…
right up until I remembered that the character is a politician.

Dodge, you're a genius. The embarrassment of missing that helps me to completely ignore the fact that I completely ignored the Paul the Samurai reference.

Lou, the way they were portraying Sylar (which was probably loads of fun for Quinto), I expected him to belt out his own villainesque lyrics to Christmas carols:

Sylar: (singing over loudspeaker)
Jack Frost roasting on an open fire!
Chestnuts hurled at your nose!
Tiny foreheads, being cut by a knife!
And folks locked up in level five!

Claire: (shoots speaker with shotgun)

Now doesn't that seem more Sylar's style?
Morgan Richter said…
I think Claire should carry around a shotgun at all times. It lends her a much-needed gravitas.

Josh, not only is Nathan a politician, he's also kind of an ass (not that the two concepts are mutually exclusive). When he started harping on Peter for injecting himself, I had to shake my head sadly. Nathan, you're just picking a fight with your brother. Surely you don't feel that strongly about Peter getting his powers back.

Then again, Peter was kind of an ass in the lab when he held Mohinder at gunpoint to stop Mo from injecting himself. Again, it's hard to believe Peter felt that strongly about it, and seeing as it might save Mohinder's life and/or not make him look scabby and scaly anymore, what's the big deal?

(Ye gads, Peter and Nathan squabbled a lot this episode. And waved guns at each other, and hit each other with lead pipes, and punched each other in the face. And yet watching them scuffle was considerably less entertaining than watching Mohinder whack Flint with a microscope. Weird.)

Also: President Worf! How cool is that?
josh jackson said…
Worf! Woot! I too was thrilled to see Michael Dorn in the credits, and very happy to see him playing the president.

Worf: Okay, you can have your task force. Now get out of my limo.

Nathan: But sir, we're on a bridge and-

Worf: Goodbye.

Nathan: (sheepishly exits limo)

Even without the makeup and warrior-chic sash, he's still a badass. Maybe Denise Crosby can be the secretary of state. Executive pen at maximum. Set policies to kill! I had to go there. Sorry.

There's a puerile awkwardness in fight scenes featuring Nathan and Peter. I can't help but picture them when they were little, fighting over some toy. "Gimme it!" "I'm telling!" Perhaps in their own way, they're still fighting over some toy. Aww.
Ingrid Richter said…
Worf! The Dornster! His cameo did make me quite happy...

Er, maybe Nathan and Peter were brilliantly trying to prove Angela's point when she told Sylar that her own sons were such a disappointment to her (with no ringing in Sylar's ears).

Josh, I'm starting to think a Sylar Christmas Album might be in order.

And Lou, DuracellAndo made me giggle...
Dan said…
Things I liked:

* Sylar's bold attempt to develop a rallying cry around the phrase 'I could have been a nobody!'

* The Death of Marine Boy. It's the poor man's Samuel L Jackson in 'Deep Blue Sea' moment.

* Parkman suggesting that DuracellAndo (heh! nice one, Lou) should maybe blink a little harder. No, seriously. Don't know why. Made me LOL a little. I blame it all on Grunberg's comic timing.

* A black American President??!? Ha ha ha! Only on televi-- Hmm? Oh. Never mind.

* Peter and Nathan fighting. Sure, none of the fights made any kind of sense nor seemed to stem from any logical or consistent point of view from either party. But, given their parents, some, uh, issues were always to be expected.

Questions Raised:

* So does teeny-tiny Daphne carry these large-ish men around on her back when they head off to superspeedily steal something? Or are they just dragged along, feet being grinded mercilessly into blistery, bloody pulps?

* Also, Matt, didn't Einstein also point out that as one approaches the speed of light one becomes infinitely massive? Is that how Daphne carries around the others? Is Matt going to get a 'No Fat Chicks' T-Shirt?

* Um. So, seriously, how did Daphne and Ando do the time-travel thing to exactly the right point in time? I wouldn't have brought it up, but the writers did first.

* Does Peter have to start from scratch and go around and gather up all the powers one-by-one again? Because that would piss me off. Too bad Sylar's dead. (No, seriously. He's dead. I saw it happen.)

Things I Did Not Like:

* A Skulky-less Finale! Madness.
Morgan Richter said…
I was delighted with President Worf. That's enough to make me optimistic about "Fugitives" right there. (Other things to make me optimistic: volume one writer/producer Bryan Fuller returning to Heroes now that Pushing Daisies has been canceled, and Battlestar Galactica writer/producer Mark Verheiden joining the staff. There's an obvious crack about how this brings the total number of good writers up to two, but I will show some tact by not making it.)

I, too, wondered how Daphne and Ando could gauge with such precision how to travel back sixteen years to the exact moment in time (and then make the trip in reverse). I'm going to assume a bunch of trial-and-error happened offscreen, in which Daphne and Ando were present at the Kennedy assassination, took part in a Haight-Ashbury love-in, watched the Berlin Wall come down, and went on a whole series of zany adventures in time, any one of which could have served as the basis for a solid Quantum Leap episode, before finding their way to the Deveaux building.

Also taking place offscreen: Daphne giving Matt and Ando and Hiro rollerskates so their feet wouldn't be ground to bloody stumps.
Dan said…
Ah, yes, roller-skates. Of course.

Also, I just remembered that Matt's got The Dyslexia. Which explains why, despite paying some sort of attention at school, he completely muddled up the details of the Theory of Relativity.

And Girl-Morgan, I love the idea of a kooky spin-off series with the adventures of an out-of-control Ando and Daphne travelling through historical eras, causing mischief and mayhem in their never-ending search for Hiro. They could call it Nemesis and The Sword-Reader. Or something a lot catchier. I don't care.

Also, I must confess I enjoyed the absurd length of time Mohinder was checking himself out in the mirror. "I... I really am beautiful, aren't I?" you could see him thinking.

Was it the Power of Pretty that protected him from the enormous freaking explosion that took place all around him at Pinehearst? If so, why can't the same power protect him from nose injuries and festering sores? So mysterious.

I also very wanted Meredith's response when Claire-Bear assured her 'she'd be back' to rescue her to be "I should hope so - this adrenaline surge could wear off any moment and you wouldn't just leave me to die, would you, you little indestructible princess?"

Alas, not to be. Let's hope Fuller and Verheiden can rectify such obvious writing lapses.
Morgan Richter said…
If Nemesis and the Sword-Reader doesn't at least become one of the online comics (you know, the ones on the Heroes NBC site that absolutely no one reads, mostly because they're too cluttered with Nissan ads?), I will be disappointed. Not to disparage the Daphne/Matt InstaLove, but I would be just as happy if Daphne hooked up with Ando instead.

Mohinder ogled his reflection in Tracy's window for waaaaaaaay too long. Just got a little awestruck, I suppose. Happens to us all, Mo. Never underestimate the Power of Pretty. And if it can save him from a fiery death in toxic Kool-Aid (because Peter and Nathan sure didn't stick around to help him out of there), so much the better.

Poor Meredith. Would've been nice if HRG or Claire had bonked her on the head and kept her unconscious until that nasty adrenaline surge wore off. But I suppose it's not a true Heroes finale if someone doesn't go all explodey all over the place.
Morgan Dodge said…
For some reason I thought that as long as Daphne was touching them (you'll notice she always grabs their hand before zipping off with someone) then they too could exist in her super fast world. Kinda like how Hiro can take Ando with him as long as they're touching. Right? So it's not like the speedster is dragging them behind her, I don't think. Ask Skulky. He knows all.

However this does bring up another good question. I've never seen Daphne change her shoes. If I were to believe she can move that much faster than the rest of us (which I do!), shouldn't I also believe that she goes through an awful lot of shoes? Does she just know where all the Lady Foot Locker™ locations are and steals, then changes them on the fly? What the hell?

I'm currently working on the Ando and Daphne theme song in my head.

Yes Dan, Mohinder's mirror mirror moment was very nice. Touching even.
You don't think that the apparently flammable concoction Mohinder had just been soaked in protected him from the explosion? No? Why not?

BTW Dan, very glad to have you back. I tried for 10 percent funnier, and somehow ended up doing 5 percent less funny, with 5 percent fewer calories. Weird.
Morgan Richter said…
You don't think that the apparently flammable concoction Mohinder had just been soaked in protected him from the explosion?

Eh. I can't imagine the viewing audience would have any interest in finding out how Mohinder made his way out of an exploding building while soaked head to toe in flammable liquid. Probably best they skipped that scene and just cut to Peter and Nathan squabbling.

Added bonus to being a Speedster: all those free shoes at Lady Foot Locker!
Dan said…
Thanks, Boy-Morgan. Grand to be back. Look forward to the theme song. I'm thinking something like:

She runs fast
He read a sword
They're looking for Hiro
Who's out of his gourd

And when we say 'gourd'
We really mean 'time'
It's just that 'sword'
Is so tricky to rhyme


She's the Nemesis
He's the Sword-Reader
And together they're... uh...
See what we mean about rhymes?

And, before I forget, can I just offer an enormous bucket of kudos to Girl-Morgan for her impressive chronicling of the entire chapter. As somebody who has recapped a, frankly, embarrassing number of episodes of Smallville, I know how difficult it can be to summon the energy for it after a while.

And yet, no lapses whatsoever from Girl-Morgan. Funny and timely each week. Very impressive indeed. I salute you.
Morgan Richter said…
Bravo, Dan! If Boy-Morgan can come up with a catchy tune to match up with your sorta-rhyming lyrics, I think we'll be in business.

And yet, no lapses whatsoever from Girl-Morgan. Funny and timely each week.

Thank you. As to "timely", being unemployed for the entire volume worked wonders for helping me churn these out on schedule. I imagine when Volume Four starts up in February, I will be much too busy with my brand-new exciting and glamorous Hollywood job. You know, that perfect job that I'm sure is out there, just waiting for me to find it... somewhere.

Excuse me. I'm going to go cry now.
Dan said…
Ah, don't cry. Maybe somebody will hire you to write these recaps. Win-win!

Boy-Morgan, may I suggest the key of E-Flat. Makes it easier for the saxes, you know.
Morgan Dodge said…
It's Morgan's blog and she'll cry if she wants to?

Dan, I see no reason to make it easy for the saxophones. They've never made it easy for me.
I am inspired by your lyricism, however. It's like there's a party in my ear and everyone's invited. or... er... um, something?
Morgan Richter said…
If anyone's still doing their Christmas shopping, I'll point you in the direction of this oddity: the Heroes 2009 Calendar. And you can tell it's cutting-edge and up-to-date, because the cover photo features D.L. (It also features Sylar apparently taking a whiz in the corner of the Deveaux balcony, but that's neither here nor there.) You have to kind of squint to see the back photo, but it shows eleven of the sixteen months: Hiro, Nathan, Niki (or, y'know, Tracy, but the presence of D.L. makes me lean toward it being Niki), Peter, HRG, Micah, Maya, Sylar, Claire, Matt, and D.L. Guesses for the remaining five, anyone? Let's say Mohinder, Angela, and Ando... but then there's still two months left.

(That's the unofficial calendar. Weirdly, there's also an officially-licensed 2009 calendar, apparently made by a different company entirely, which uses the SAME OUTDATED COVER PHOTO, but this one appears to be only a twelve-monther, with totally different interior photos: Nathan, Hiro, Matt, Mohinder, Peter, Claire, HRG, Elle, Niki, Sylar, Ando, and Adam.)

So tomorrow, Ingrid and I are flying out from our respective coasts and meeting somewhere in the middle of the country (sunny southern Minnesota, to be precise) for some holidaying. Thus, responses to comments might be a bit (or a lot) tardy after today. If I don't get a chance later, I'm going to wish you all a festive and merry holiday season now.
Dan said…
Guesses for the remaining five, anyone? Let's say Mohinder, Angela, and Ando... but then there's still two months left.

Well, a certain Turtle Wonder is surely one.

I'm guessing the other is Mr Muggles.

Have a fantastic Christmas. Don't do anything Sylar wouldn't do.
Morgan Dodge said…
I find it strange that there's the official and unofficial calender, and that they both use the same out of date cover. Maybe now that everyone on the show is a big star they can't get them all in the same room for a new photo shoot?

Speaking of Mr. Muggles, I'm kinda surprised that they didn't get Mr. Muggles in on the whole Villains thing. If anyone is surely a villain, it's the Pomeranian of pestilence. The Doggie of doom. The barker who is darker.

Of course his nemesis would be Skulky the turtle wonder. Everyone needs a nemesis, right?

Hiro has the speedster. HRG has Sylar. Peter has Nathan. Mrs. Patrelli has Mr. Patrelli. Matt had his dad. Ando has his own plot lines. Something like that, right?

A very happy and safe holidays to everyone, please.
Dan said…
If anyone is surely a villain, it's the Pomeranian of pestilence. The Doggie of doom. The barker who is darker

The hound of the underground, the canine who's not benign, the puppy who brings you all kinds of uppity... oh, yes, Mr Muggles is a villain all right.

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