More fun with keywords!

(There were no photos of my cat anywhere on this blog. This oversight has now been corrected.)

Another season of Heroes has ended with both a whimper and a bang, and I'm scrambling to find ways to fill this blog with new material during the long dry spell ahead of us. While I'm thinking on this, here's a look at some of the current crop of keywords people have used to find this site:

who played the water breathing boy heroes
He was cute, wasn't he? I had to look this one up: Alex was played by Justin Baldoni. I don't know a thing about him. According to Heroes Wiki, "Baldoni's breakout role was in the television movie Spring Break Shark Attack, in which he starred as a sexual predator." Okay, then.

who plays sylar's mother on heroes?
That'd be Little Shop of Horror's awesome Ellen Greene.

who plays agent taub on heroes
Gabriel Olds, who, my sister reminds me, starred in the quasi-futuristic dystopic thriller Animal Room with Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Lillard. Haven't seen Animal Room? Think A Clockwork Orange, only not, y'know, good.

heroes original hot brunette shape shifter
Hot brunette Candice was played by hot brunette Reaper star Missy Peregrym.

on heroes, what was the roy orbison song angela petrelli was fond of?
Crying ("Cry-y-y-y-ing over you...")

ellen cylon pretty in pink
Yup. Kate Vernon, who played Battlestar Galactica's Final Cylon Ellen Tigh, is near and dear to my eighties-loving heart for her performance as James Spader's mean slutty rich girlfriend Benny in Pretty in Pink.

99 luftballoons apocalypse about the
Yeah. 99 Luftballoons is a lively eighties pop tune about a bunch of balloons that accidentally trigger a nuclear attack. Seriously, you just don't hear many breakout hit songs about nuclear annihilation anymore.

chapter ten '1961' heroes boring
1961 jumping the shark heroes

You'll get no argument here.

mohinder should not be a bug also talking turtle
I can't disagree with any of that, either.

danko/sylar slash
Without investigating further, I am absolutely positively certain this exists somewhere. Possibly in large quantities.

heroes claire hair cut volme 4
Not that there's anything wrong with Hayden Panettiere's natural hair, but in Volume Four, she wore a wig.

heroes starts film in july for volume redemption
According to Wendi, the very helpful key makeup artist, Heroes is starting up again in June. For Heroes fans who use Twitter, Wendi's is a good one to follow.

heroes volume 4 finale was weak
heroes volume four sucks
heroes was terrible chapter 4
is anybody else really enjoying heroes volume 4?

I enjoyed it. Didn't think it sucked, didn't think it was terrible. Did I want more from it? Yeah.

mohinder suresh beautiful
Heck, yeah. Ridiculously so.

sendhil ramamurthy & usc
I know of no connection between lovely Sendhil and my despised alma mater. Sendhil's too nice for USC. Before attending drama school in London, he was pre-med at Tufts. The guy has layers.

heroes "previously on" never seen
They do that sometimes, sticking footage we've never seen in the "Previously On..."s, and it's definitely irksome.

worst scene in heroes
Today, I'm going to go with Peter railing at Jesus in "Into Asylum." Maybe it wasn't the worst episode ever, but sheesh, that was an awful scene.

tobias menzies penis
Dude. This one always, always shows up in my site statistics, every month, without fail. I have no idea why so many people are interested in Tobias's penis, and I'm too afraid to investigate further.


Ingrid Richter said…
Hooray! Glad Tashiro made her first appearance on your blog...

Why do I love your keyword searches so much?
Dan said…
heroes original hot brunette shape shifterYeah, sorry about that search. But sometimes a man just needs to know the name of the hot brunette shape shifters in his (television) life.

And I'm with Ingrid, your keyword searches are awesome. I keep meaning to rip this idea off for my own blog, but all my searches are boring. Maybe I have to delve deeper down the list...
Morgan Richter said…
I have turned into the type of person who posts photos of her cat on her blog. Sigh. But Tashiro looks so very dignified in that picture...

It occurs to me that the person searching for "sendhil ramamurthy & usc" might have meant the University of South Carolina instead of the University of Southern California. I am Los Angelescentric, naturally enough. For the record, I don't know any connection between Mr. Ramamurthy and the other USC, either.

The vast majority of my keywords are pretty mundane (right now, of the top twenty searches, ten are some variation on "preppies of the apocalypse"). The further you go down that list, Dan, the more gems you'll find...
Dan said…
The further you go down that list, Dan, the more gems you'll find...

Good tip - there were indeed some good'uns once I got wallowing in the depths. I don't know what 'the tom welling navel porn' is and I don't think I ever want to know. But I'm pleased to report it's not at my web site.
Patrick said…
One idea I had was to suggest our fantasy guest stars for next season. Bearing in mind, of course, that the major guest stars so far haven't really worked, awesome and all as John Glover and Robert Forster are.

My suggestion is to keep with the Star Trek guest appearances as they've worked best. So my suggestion is:

William Shatner as, wait for it, Claire's grandfather. He would be Meredith's father and have a realy great power that we would only discover later on.
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. Dan, your own keywords post provides more ammo for my theory that, at any given time, a good 15% of people online are just Googling about breasts. Name an actress on Heroes, and someone has found my site while looking for hard-hitting facts about her cleavage.

Patrick, I can't imagine why The Shatner hasn't already appeared on Heroes. It seems like an oversight. (Gratuitous name-dropping time: I met Shatner when he made an appearance on Talk Soup, and, counter to all expectations, he was a delight: professional and fricking hilarious. Weird, huh?) As to future big-name guest stars, I'll have to give this some serious thought. You're right in that both Forster and Glover's appearances had so, so much potential... which kinda got squandered. Maybe the key is to ease up a bit on the Evil Dads? I'd like to see Heroes introduce a villain who is not related in any way to any of our main characters.
Nessa said…
That was a fun read, especially since there will be a long drought till the next Heroes volume. And a villain not related to the main characters would be awesome. They need to mix it up a little bit.
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks for posting, Nessa, and thank you for the link from your site. I hope the next volume introduces a really memorable villain. One of the (many) things that made that first volume so compulsively watchable was the fantastic introduction to Sylar: how they doled out information about him in intriguing bits, how he kept growing more and more powerful, how he kept crossing paths with our motley band of heroes... Heroes has had some good concepts for villains since then (Adam Monroe, Arthur Petrelli, Danko), but none have come close to that same level of impact.
Dan said…
a good 15% of people online are just Googling about breasts.

Easily fifteen percent. I'd guess closer to twenty. And don't get me started on the number of people fascinated by the possibility of a homoerotic subtext to... well, anything, really, but particularly Smallville.
Ingrid Richter said…
Wait a minute! Are you trying to tell me that sex sells on the Internet? How strange!

(heh. My most popular web page is a sleazy review of an awful x-rated anime series. I'm no stranger to the lure of a few well-placed spicy keywords.)
Morgan Richter said…
Dan, are you suggesting that there are people out there who watch Smallville for something besides the homoerotic subtext? Really?

Yeah, apparently people online are really into sex. Go figure. Me, I'm just trying to resist the urge to Google "Tobias Menzies penis" just to see what all these people visiting my site know that I don't.
Ingrid Richter said…
Hmm, if one were inclined, hypothetically, to Google Tobias Menzies penis, one might be surprised to find that Preppies is #3 on the results.
Dan said…
Hmm, if one were inclined, hypothetically, to Google Tobias Menzies penis, one might be surprised to find that Preppies is #3 on the results.

And with all this chat, no doubt climbing rapidly.

Dan, are you suggesting that there are people out there who watch Smallville for something besides the homoerotic subtext? Really?

Well, according to my log files, a surprising number also apparently watch for 'Kryptonian symbols'.

Gay porn enthusiasts and cryptographers - that's the Smallville demographic.
Morgan Richter said…
Apparently Tobias showed the peen on an episode of Rome. Oh. That's it?

My reasons for watching Smallville (inasmuch as I can be bothered these days):

1. The homoerotic subtext.
2. John Glover (note: reason no longer applicable)
3. Michael Rosenbaum (note: reason no longer applicable)
4. Green Arrow goes shirtless a lot.
5. That Remy Zero theme song.
6. The homoerotic subtext
7. It features an Ashmore twin (arguably the wrong twin)
8. The bizarre parade of Battlestar Galactica guest stars (Crashdown, Helo, Tyrol, Gaeta... look, if ever two shows should have absolutely no common ties, it'd be BSG and Smallville)
1548. Kryptonian cartography.
Sarah said…
I've only known Tashiro as a lump under the bed linens when I stopped in to feed her. She's much more regal in a vertical position. I've been one of those people who posts photos of my cat for years. Welcome to the club...
Morgan Richter said…
I have a friend who believes Tashiro is only a figment of my imagination, because whenever she stops by, Tashiro vanishes into her mysterious interdimensional portal in my apartment. My cat exists! She's cute and fuzzy! I have photographic evidence!

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