Five excuses for not updating my blog more frequently

1. My search for a job has pretty much taken precedence over everything else at the moment.

That, and the all-encompassing fear and dread that goes along with not being able to find gainful employment. Theoretically, I should be putting this copious amount of free time to good use by churning out a blizzard of fresh blog posts. Instead, I’ve been spending the summer moping and fretting.

2. There’s nothing interesting happening with Heroes right now.

I have a policy -- and I think it’s a good one -- about not passing judgment based only on leaked rumors and spoilers. It’s not fair to the creative staff to criticize a concept before seeing the execution. So while the rumors circulating about the new season of Heroes (childhood flashbacks, Petrelli angst, beautiful deaf girls, evil carnies, and collegiate Sapphic dabbling) haven’t captured my fancy, I will wait patiently until after Volume Five premieres in September to weigh in on any of this.

(Heroes rumor mill: online speculation has been exploding that beautiful Mohinder will not be on the show next season. The speculation is based upon negative evidence: there have been no reports of Sendhil Ramamurthy being on set thus far this season (which isn’t to say he hasn’t been on the set), and there's been no word on Mohinder’s Volume Five plotline (which isn’t to say he won’t have any plotline at all). It’s all a wee bit dodgy, and something seems to be going on, but I’m reasonably sure Heroes will still have Mohinder to kick around next season. The gossip hounds at Entertainment Weekly haven’t heard anything about Sendhil possibly leaving, and yesterday I received a cryptic yet comforting six-word direct message on Twitter from someone who should know: don’t worry... he’s good... trust me.. I have no idea what this means, but I’m just going to go ahead and assume that, yes, he’s good. Time will tell).

3. My summer TV viewing habits are too embarrassing to document for posterity.

Seriously, if I suddenly started churning out weekly recaps of VH1’s Daisy of Love, wouldn’t you all lose just a little respect for me?

4. The summer movies haven’t been lousy enough for me to write a Things I Did… post about them.

Related: My expectations are oddly high for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. Okay, it’ll be no damn good, but… Christopher Eccleston as Destro! Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander! I would watch either of those fantastic, interesting, talented actors in far, far worse. And the poster campaign looks fabulous!

5. I am simultaneously: a) a perfectionist, and b) lazy.

This is a disastrous combination when it comes to churning out blog posts on any kind of regular schedule. I tend to take forever writing and rewriting and refining posts before slapping them up. I’m pretty sure it took me longer to write my review of Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express than it took the screenwriter to cobble together that script. Combine that with my short attention span and my natural sloth, and it’s a marvel I get as much done as I do.


Ingrid Richter said…
I'd read your Daisy of Love reviews, Morgan! I don't get VH1 at home, and there's no way to keep up with the sexy/sleazy escapades...
Morgan Richter said…
It is my personal opinion that the episode of Daisy of Love where the skunk accidentally wandered into Daisy's house and sprayed our gaggle of drunken lunkheads was as close to Pure Art as television ever achieves. But this may be a minority opinion.
Anna said…
I don't really feel happy about the possibility that Sendhil is still on Heroes, but the writers and producers consider him so uninteresting that they never even mention his name, and his role is apparantly so small that he's never seen on set, not meaningfully related to any of the old or new characters, and so on and so on.
They aren't treating him like a series regular on the same level as the rest, this is obvious. They aren't even treating him as well as their precious guest stars, who they're taking to Comic Con. They appear to expect people not to care, and ignore evidence to the contrary... why?
I know that people have asked WatchWithKristin and Ausiello for info about Mohinder's storyline, and these questions have all gone unanswered. It's weird that they wouldn't or couldn't share *any* information at all. If Sendhil was actually working on set like before, wouldn't it be a matter of course to quickly disprove the rumour so we can all move on?
It's... frustrating.
Morgan Richter said…
It is frustrating. And based on the way Mohinder was backburnered last season, odds are good you're right, Anna. Still, I'm going to give the show the benefit of the doubt until I hear something (anything!) concrete about Sendhil's involvement in the new season. I'm not concerned about Sendhil not going to Comic Con, since so few regular cast members are scheduled to attend -- hell, even Hayden and Milo aren't going, and they're definitely the prized showponies of Heroes. But the radio silence about Mohinder is disturbing.

I think last season, through a combination of ruinous mischaracterization (Vol. 3) and neglect (Vol. 4), robbed Mohinder of a lot of dignity. I don't have much optimism that the new season will restore it to him, mostly because I don't get the impression the creative staff considers this an area that needs to be addressed. I'd love to be proven wrong, and if only for that faint possibility, I'd prefer to have Sendhil stick it out with the show for the season. If it's the same situation as last season, though, I won't be happy about it either.
Morgan Richter said…
(However, there's a strong upside to Sendhil leaving the show, if that does happen: 1) Sendhil would be free to pursue better, less insulting projects, and 2) my Monday nights would free right up.)
Anna said…
(Yes. XD I keep checking Heroes news and I want nothing more than no longer having to read about Nathan and Sylar and Claire and Claire and Claire and Nathan.)

I gave the show the benefit of the doubt last season, but it turned out that it hadn't deserved it. Not again.
Morgan Dodge said…
I'd like to second the request for Daisy of Love reviews. I think that would be lovely.

For a moment there I thought one of the guys was named Skunk. I wasn't surprised, just confused about what he was spraying them with... maybe I should wait until after I've had more coffee to comment here?

I maintain that your twitter reply was just in reference to Sendhil's snogging abilities and had no reflection upon his future in the show.

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