Fringe: Gray Matter

My new Fringe recap is up at TVgasm. More Leonard Nimoy! More exciting talk of the other universe! More of Olivia being awesome!


Jason said…
Really good episode. It was also great to see Olivia playing a stronger part in the action again and doing something downright superhuman at the end too with the two head shots to the henchmen in the getaway van. It's interesting how that was handled- as longtime viewers we know that Olivia is capable of some crazy things, so there's no suspension of disbelief necessary, but having another character like Doyle or Newton mentioning how improbable the shot that took out the driver was (much less the one that got the guy popping out of the back doors) would have been a nice touch for people less familiar with the show.
Morgan Richter said…
Olivia was pretty awesome with her two head shots. Good point -- if you're familiar with Olivia, it seems entirely likely she could chase down a van on foot and stop the driver with a single shot to the head, but for newcomers to the show, it'd seem downright improbable.

Loved this episode -- after a few stand-alones, it was nice to have one that dealt with the threat of the other universe again.

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