Fringe: Snakehead

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Anonymous said…
This episode made me cry too. The relationship between Walter and Astrid is one of my favourite. In fact I really like the feel of a family unit amongst all the characters that's been developing since the first season. It's something the show has worked at.

I remember Joshua Jackson at the Fringe panel at Comic Con (best panel ever, I can't say it enough) talking about how the personal relationships (and he was specifically reference Peter and Walter, but I think it extends beyond them) are important and that for the show to work you have to believe in its world beyond the monsters of the week and/or the crazy science. You have to believe in what these people mean to each other.

It's one of the greatest strengths of this show.
Morgan Richter said…
That core group of actors on Fringe... they're outstanding, and their characters are all so well written and developed. I'm envious you got to go to the Fringe panel. As great as John Noble is (and man, I think he's the best actor on television right now), Joshua Jackson is holding his own against him. (I love Anna Torv, too -- she has such gravity and intelligence to her that I was startled to find out how relatively young she is.)

Fringe does an extraordinary job of selling those relationships and the connections between characters: Peter and Walter, Peter and Olivia, Astrid and Walter, Olivia and Broyles... Everyone involved with the show really knows what they're doing. I hope they keep it up.
Patrick said…
Loving the Fringe recaps - the longer style really suits!
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, Patrick. I'm still not entirely sold on the long format -- it doesn't seem to come naturally to me, and I worry that I'm padding my reviews out. I think it'll come easier as I go along.

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