Fun With Keywords: Space Mutiny Edition

It's been slow around here, what with V, Flash Forward and Heroes all on their winter breaks. Here’s another look at some of the search terms used to find this site, courtesy of Google Analytics:

”space mutiny" "blood on the scales" "the oath"
I’m delighted that someone else noticed the similarities between Battlestar Galactica’s fourth-season mutiny plotline and the hooty low-budget masterpiece Space Mutiny (if you’ve missed the MST3K gang’s take on it, stick it in your Netflix queue -- it’s one of their very best efforts). Here’s a key difference, though: Space Mutiny made me howl with glee, whereas the BSG mutiny arc depressed me so much it made me stop watching BSG.

in case you're wondering, i will definitely hit a cripple
I know you will, Starbuck. And that’s the other reason I stopped watching BSG.

how to fix heroes
It wouldn’t take much, but they’ve got to put in the effort.

v is kind of lame
Yeah, it is. I mean, it’s not terminally lame. It’s just a little flat. Hopefully it’ll come back in March after a long winter break invigorated and full of fresh ideas, because it’s got some promise. But… yeah, lame.

flash forward too slow
Yeah. Again, not terminally so, but the show has faltered in recent weeks after such a promising start. Like V, though, it’s got an extra-long winter hiatus to get back on track.

did orlando bloom have a part in flash forward
flash forward episode 6 guy on bus
guy on bus looks like orlando bloom flashforward
…but was not Orlando Bloom. There’s been a lot of buzz about this, but some very helpful person debunked the Orlando Bloom rumor in the comment trail of one of my FF recaps, even going so far as to list the name of the Bloom-lookalike actor.

harry shum cute
You bet!

horatio hornblower midshipmen eat rats
See, they weren’t eating the rats in that first episode -- they just were playing a delightful game of catching them in their teeth and killing them without the use of hands, until Horatio caught them and threw the first of what would be many epic hissyfits over the course of the series. I love Hornblower.

how to act like edgar in heroes
Years of martial arts training and a cool accent.

if a man wears a beard does it mean he's secretive
Guys? Care to weigh in on this?

joe hardy haircut
Feathers! Long feathered bangs! Lots of Breck shampoo!

ali larter bath underwear
Dan? Is that you?

just when my coil is reaching the green line
Anyone who knows this reference without looking it up might be my soulmate.

throw sendhil from the train
death deceit and destiny aboard the orient express
Some of Richard Grieco’s finest work.

"shawn/raj" psych
I’d like to point out that this search term has been used to find this site fourteen times in the past thirty days. There is still no shawn/raj slash anywhere on this site (or possibly anywhere on the internet -- who knows?), but after all this interest, damned if I’m not starting to think seriously about writing some.

mohinder on psych accent
That’s his real accent. Chicago-born, Texas-bred

psych bollywood homicide raj actor
Eh, some guy with great hair and impeccable bone structure. Hey, speaking of Psych, I’m going to start recapping episodes here when it returns from its winter hiatus in January. And speaking of Raj, I’m going to be dropping recaps of Heroes when it returns from its winter hiatus in January. Call it the circle of life. I’m reserving the right to change my mind, however, if Heroes decides to get its act together and become watchable again.

mohinder's wardrobe
Awful, yet delightful. Mohinder: Making paisley look sexy since 2006.

no mohinder?
There is a universe of sorrow contained in this search term.

one life to live actress on flash forward
Jessica Tuck. I only know this because my mom always insisted I’d look great with her haircut, circa 1988. That was back when I had Denise Crosby’s haircut, circa the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

screenplay how to write chyrons
I just go with something along the lines of CHYRON: “ONE YEAR LATER”, left-justified, on its own line, space above and below. I don’t think that’s set in stone, though. As long as it’s clear in the context of your script that you’re inserting a chyron and as long as you specify the text, I don’t think you need to sweat the format.

skulky the turtle wonder and sylar road trip
Oh, sure. Unquestioned highlight of the season thus far. The part where Skulky double-crossed Sylar over waffles and chilaquiles at that Oklahoma truck stop? Poetry.

skulky the turtle wonder nothing can stop him now
True, so true.

skulky the turtle wonder vs mr muggles
The smart money is on Skulky. Muggles is all bark, no bite.

skulky the turtle wonder thinks morgan is awesome
Thank you, Skulky. The feeling is mutual

peter petrelli nailgun
Peter’s finest moment in all the current season. In all episodes from here until cancellation, Peter should tote around a nail gun so he can spontaneously nail people to the floor, whether it makes sense for his character or not, because that was pretty awesome.

then i'm gonna kill every single person even remotely involved
And that’d be Sylar’s finest moment in all the current season. I’m still waiting for you to make good on that promise, Sylar.

wales welsh film movie pavarotti "dying friend" opera
Very Annie Mary. Terrible film. Bane of my existence. Nice scenes of the Welsh countryside, though.


Dan said…
Re: men with beards. If anything, they're being very open about how lazy they are. Shaving every day is annoying. I only shave when my face gets itchy (from the hair - it's not like a Spidey-sense)

The Ali Larter bath search term could well be me. Who keeps track? OTOH, I have no idea where all those Skulky searches came from.
Morgan Richter said…
Those Skulky search terms are mysterious, aren't they? I just figure it's the Skulkster himself, doing a little late-night vanity Googling.

Re: not shaving. Also: stubble is sexy! Years of Miami Vice (and yes, Heroes too) have taught me that.
Anonymous said…
In "Lobscouse & spotted dog : which it's a gastronomic companion to the Aubrey/Maturin novels / Anne Chotzinoff Grossman, Lisa Grossman Thomas" the authors give a recipe for bacon fat braised rat. As eaten by midshipmen who "liberated" Surgeon Marurin's experiemntal rats. The authors actually prepared and ate this-- they say it was pretty good.
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. That's interesting, entspinster. I suppose on a ship you'd need all the protein you could get. And really, bacon with anything tends to be pretty tasty. All the same, I think I'm going to hold off on the bacon fat-braised rats.

It's possible Aubrey's midshipmen were made of sterner stuff. I'm sure Horatio would eat a rat if necessary, with his chin up and a stiff upper lip, but it's hard to picture him doing it just for fun.
I'm oddly wigged out by the fact that I just watched the MST3K Space Mutiny slab of awesome not two days ago. Again. And as a result, I shall forever know the male protagonist as "Gristle McThornbody".

Or "Big McLargehuge". Take your pick.
Morgan Richter said…
I'm partial to "Thick McRunfast" and "Blast Hardcheese." I haven't watched Space Mutiny in far too long. The MST3K gang were particularly inspired in mocking it.
Dan said…
Can I just say that I love the name 'entspinster'.

Makes me smile.
Morgan Richter said…
"Entspinster" is pretty clever. I should''ve commented on it.
Anonymous said…
Entspinster Heirloom Cider Apple and her long time companion Manchurian Apricot (Dear Manchy)present their regards to Skulkie the Wonder Turtle.

I've been lurking happily on girl Morgan's blog since the heyday of Lord of the Rings web activity, when I stumbled on to the essay on slash. I'm sure the summaries are clearer and much funnier than the actual episodes.
Morgan Richter said…
Welcome, Entspinster (and Manchurian Apricot)! Pleased to meet you. Wow, the LotR slash essay? That was a while ago! Anyway, nice to have you around.
Lou said…
Yay keywords! Most random web entertainment there is. Thanks for sharing Morgan. I guess Skulky needs something to do now the wonder turtle subplot has dried up.

Pleased to hear you will be recapping Psych, thinking of Netflixing the old seasons to catch up. Heroes and Flashforward may fall off for me, everyone has a tolerance level for disappointing TV. And I take a lot of flak for watching them anyway...

Hello entspinster and yes Morgan's recaps are much clearer and twice as funny as the actual episodes. Sometimes it's just better to skip the shows and read this.
Morgan Richter said…
Pleased to hear you will be recapping Psych, thinking of Netflixing the old seasons to catch up.

I Netflixed seasons one through three, and they were delightful. Sheer entertainment, with plenty of random and rapid-fire gags flying about. It's the most self-amusing show on television, and I mean that in the best possible way. I love that Shawn's and Gus's parents are all played by Eighties stars: Phylicia Rashaad and Ernie Hudson, Corbin Bernsen and Cybill Shepherd. That right there is enough to get me to watch the show. Also? There's an episode entirely dedicated to spoofing John Hughes movies.
Morgan Dodge said…
A little bit late to the party, but I'd like to throw my support in for Dan's statement that beards mean men are being more open. Actually, same for women too. Anyone with a beard? Definitely being more open.

I only shave if I'm going to have an important meeting, or yes, if it's getting itchy.

What if your Spidey-sense™ is trying to tell you that your beard is dangerous, however.

Glad to see Skulky alive, well, and Googeling.
Morgan Richter said…
Beards = openness. Got it. Good to see you around these parts again, Boy-Morgan.

BTW, in case anyone hasn't seen the trailer yet for Sendhil Ramamurthy's upcoming new film It's a Wonderful Afterlife, it's here. It looks cute and funny. This is the film that's been touted as a cross between Shaun of the Dead (hooray!) and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (boo!), but there's little sign of either in the trailer. It's pretty much Sendhil standing around looking beautiful and wearing only a towel while other characters comment on how beautiful he is. And just going by that, I am prematurely declaring it the Best Movie of 2010.

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