Fringe: What Lies Below

My new Fringe recap is up at TVgasm. Must be Wednesday.

Site business: Psych is finally ending its winter break tonight, so recaps will commence shortly. It's still awfully quiet around here, what with V and FlashForward still on their ridiculously long breaks, and I've got the big hole from no longer watching Heroes... what do people think of White Collar? It's an adorable show, it features a lead character with floppy bangs and nice cheekbones, and if there's interest in discussing it here, I'll add it to the lineup.


Jason said…
I personally love White Collar. I stumbled upon it last year and immediately recognized Matthew Bomer from his work on Chuck. I decided to give it a go and have been getting a kick out of it ever since.
Morgan Richter said…
Cool. I got onto White Collar a bit late -- I caught a recent marathon a week or so ago when USA was kicking off the start of the new episodes -- and I thought it was delightful. Bomer was good on Chuck, but I think he's really in his element here. It's just fun.
Anonymous said…
As you know, I love "White Collar". I came for Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay (who I will always love for playing Jonesy on "Carnivale") and stayed for the great stories and acting. I look forward to each episode and like that the show has found the balance between being fun and serious. And the relationship between Neal and Peter (almost older brother~younger brother) feels genuine.

I also think Bomer is more in his element here. I wasn't crazy about him as Bryce on "Chuck", but he's totally become Neal for me.
Morgan Richter said…
White Collar just has a nice feel to it. And it makes me suspect I've been misjudging Tiffani Thiessen all these years. I like the characters, I like the over-arching plot about Neal's missing girlfriend, I like the whole feel to it.

Okay. I still haven't watched the most recent episode. When I get some time, I'll recap that one and the one that aired before that (everything post-winter break, in other words), so we can get to discussing the show for real.
Anonymous said…
You don't have to rush with the recap. Being in Canada means I won't see the most recent episode until tomorrow night (we get it on Fridays).

I'm surprised at how much I like Tiffani Thiessen too! In fact the only person I'm not crazy about on the show is the actress who plays the FBI agent. I much preferred the one from the pilot and would rather have her back.

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