Fun With Keywords: Nerdy Dark Sylar Edition

Courtesy of Google Analytics, here are some of the search terms used to find this site in the past month:

sylar (nerdy dark)
Yes to both.

watch this video in a new window bad ass bubbles!!
If anyone were to ever send me a link to a video entitled "Bad Ass Bubbles," I'd be too scared to click on it. There are too many ways that can go horribly wrong.

william shatner 99 luftballoons
I would be deliriously happy to learn Shatner had done some kind of remake of "99 Luftballons," in the spirit of his bravissimo cover of Pulp's "Common People." However, this most likely just refers to the English version of the song, which contains the lyric, "Every man's a superhero, every man's a Captain Kirk."

why doesn't netflix have "space mutiny"?
Netflix does have Space Mutiny! What it doesn't have, for some unfathomable reason, is the brilliant Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff on it. This, granted, is a disappointment. Still, you can at least watch the original terrible movie, albeit without Mike and the bots mocking it right along with you ("Sting, Debbie Reynolds, and God!").

neilmed's sinus rinse double strength good idea?
I'm not qualified in any way to give any kind of medical advice. I'll just say, strictly anecdotally, that I sometimes rinse with two packets of the ionic solution (the blue packets) in eight ounces of water, which makes it the same strength as the hypertonic solution (the green packets). From NeilMed's website:
"What is the difference between Hypertonic (green) and Isotonic (blue) packets?"

This Green colored packet will make a Hypertonic (higher concentration) solution when mixed with 8 oz. (240 ml.) of water. It can also make an isotonic solution, equivalent to our regular blue colored packet, if mixed with 16 oz. (480 ml.) of water. Our regular product, the blue colored packet, makes an isotonic solution in 8 oz. (240 ml.) of water (using our SINUS RINSE(tm) bottle or other measuring devices).

It is strongly recommended to use this Green packet only under the advice of your physician or using your judgment. A few research reports, plus feedback from some physicians and customers have reported additional benefits from using a hypertonic solution. If you experience any intolerable burning or stinging, please discontinue the use of the hypertonic solution. In my opinion, apart from transient, mild burning, it will not cause any permanent damage with a few uses. With time, you will be able to judge as far as what concentration of saline works best for you.

They're not kidding about the burning and stinging, but I kind of dig that sort of thing, so... As the site says, use your best judgment.

in hornblower how would archie manage to starve to death so quickly
Because Archie is just a little more sensitive and delicate than everyone else.

how awesome is miami vice
Totally awesome.

how long was sendhil ramamurthy in ultimate force
One glorious season. Just long enough for his relentlessly prickly and moody character to botch missions, pick fights, and irritate the pants off of everyone on his squad before deciding he was above all this Special Forces nonsense and riding off into the sunset, leaving a trail of chaos in his wake.

"psych" "cheekbones" "indian"
"Sendhil" "Ramamurthy"

should skulky the turtle wonder appear in flashforward
Absolutely! He could replace grouchy old Mark, and I'd be fiennes with it. (Get it? Fiennes? Because Mark is played by Joseph Fien... oh, skip it).

hardy boys charlie's angels disco extravaganza
guide to the hardy boys joe is the only one who manages to keep his clothes on
You have found the right place.

white collar what happened after neal suspected peter of kidnapping kate
Not much. Neal acted sort of pissy and passive-aggressive toward Peter for half an episode, then they finally shouted things out and realized they were still on the same side. Then they saved each other's lives, and everything was cool again.

white collar mozzie alias
Dante Haversham.

denise crosby hairstyle
If we're talking about her 1987 first-season Star Trek: The Next Generation haircut, awesome. I wore that hairstyle until around 1991.

the slammin' salmon only played in big cities
Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, Portland and Seattle, to be exact. Comes out on DVD in April.

rachel in glee unlikable
Sort of, yeah. Lea Michele is adorable and talented as all hell, but... Rachel's unlikable. I'll go along with that.

mohinder off heroes?
Well, there’s probably no more Heroes, so the question of who’s on or off it is most likely irrelevant. But yes, in the event that Heroes comes back for another season, Mohinder will not be around -- Sendhil Ramamurthy, lucky boy, got himself cast in a new USA Network series, Covert Affairs, which will be premiering in July. Unless it’s terrible (and not enjoyably terrible), I’ll recap episodes here. He’ll be playing a sexy CIA agent named Jai Wilcox; the “Jai Ho” jokes are going to write themselves.

love honour and obey song bathroom scene
Oasis's "Force of Nature," intercut with Sadie Frost's karaoke performance of "When You are a King." Crap movie, but that particular sequence (Jonny Lee Miller and Rhys Ifans shooting it out in the men's room) is pretty damn effective, and the music choices are great. The soundtrack, by the way, does not have the Oasis song, but it does have a bonus track of Jude Law singing "Rock On," which is a nice consolation prize.

invasion of the preppies?
Any day now. Just as soon as the lacrosse sticks are primed and the bunkers are stockpiled with Perrier and finger sandwiches.

why is the professor reading "pride and prejudice and zombies" in heroes tv show
This is a Zen koan, isn't it? (From an essortment article: "Koans are not rational questions with final linear conclusions. They are especially designed for one purpose; this purpose is to open the mind that has been closed by habitual responses to the world and reality.") Point being, trying to find a deeper meaning to any of the random nonsense that happens on Heroes is like trying to describe the sound of one hand clapping.

what happens to bunting in hornblower?
Stole food, got flogged, and ran away, then got shot and killed for desertion by Horatio, who was presently captaining the Best Damn Plague Ship Ever. Horatio then moped glamorously while wearing a cute straw hat before teaming up with Wedge Antilles to save the Indefatigable from a random Spanish fire ship.

sendhil kristen bell hottub
Ah, yes. Believe me, I know. It's evocative, isn't it? All Sendhil had to do was mention on one Heroes episode commentary that he'd hung out in Kristen Bell's hot tub with Zachary Quinto, and it launched a million optimistic Google searches. Pics or it didn't happen, Ramamurthy.


Dan said…
Awesome to see Skulky made the cut again. That turtle's unstoppable!
Morgan Richter said…
Skulky always makes the cut. He's turticular! Everybody* wants to know more about him!

*where "everybody" may be defined as "someone in Sydney who is almost certainly one Dan Liebke."
Anonymous said…
Part of me (because I'm pissy like this) wants "Heroes" renewed so that Sendhil can be far, far away from it and rocking (fingers crossed) on his new show while the actors the suits at NBC think are the bees knees (*ahem*Hayden, Zach) continue on with the stinker.

I'm mature like that.
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. Levitatethis, I can dig it. For me, I've officially ceased to care about the fate of Heroes. It can go on for another four seasons, and it's no skin off my nose -- I won't be watching anyway, so what do I care?

(Unofficially? Yeah, unofficially, as you might expect, my opinion is somewhat... different. But I'm trying to be big about it. I'm not always successful, but the goal is to treat Heroes better than Heroes has treated me.)
Morgan Dodge said…
Screw that Sendhil guy. When does Skulky get a new series? As the most overlooked turtle actor in the past five years, I think it's time he be given a more substantial part. Something he can really sink his beak into.
Dan said…
Skulky Towers?
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. As of 4:35, Boy-Morgan's comment of 3:55 has not shown up here, though it was sent to my in-box and, presumably, Dan's as well. I'm sure it'll trickle on through soon, but as of now, Dan's reply to it seems like a delightful non-sequitur. I'll add to the nonsense by suggesting the following: America's Next Top Skulky.
Dan said…
I could have checked the actual comments on this page but where would have been the fun in that?

Also, 'Saved By The Shell'

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