Fringe: The Man From the Other Side

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Anonymous said…
I really liked this episode and was glad to see things play out the way they did...particularly with Peter figuring out the truth on his own. There had been hints for quite awhile about the truth and I think this was a smart choice.

One of the most chilling moments for me was actually when Peter first looks at Olivia in the hospital like he doesn't know who she is. There's this moment where you can just feel the tension getting to be a bit much and then he smiles. A minute later when you realize he knows/suspects he's not from this world, that Walter took him, that Olivia knew something...I think Josh Jackson did a great job.

The relationship between Walter and Peter has become such a powerful one on this show, in fact the family unit all of them have become (including Olivia and Astrid) has this very believable, and therefore emotionally consequential edge to it. I can't wait for Thursday.
Morgan Richter said…
Peter's entire scene in the hospital... yeah, Jackson pretty much owned it. He was so cold with Walter -- and even, as you point out, cold with Olivia -- that it was startling to watch.

(Jackson and John Noble work really well together -- not only do I have no problem believing them as father and son, I also have no problem with believing this entire tortured family history they bring with them.)

Next week is the special musical episode (why, Fox, why?), and it looks like a stand-alone, so I don't think they'll be addressing the Peter-Walter situation at all. Then after that, we've got three more episodes; the final two will be a two-part finale. It's been a very strong season thus far. I hope it ends well.

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