Fringe: Peter

So, Fringe. Ever wonder how, exactly, Peter died and how Walter ended up kidnapping some other Peter from a parallel universe to replace his dead kid? This episode answers all your questions.

Also: It's 1985! There are zeppelins! And Back to the Future sight gags!

My recap is up at TVgasm.


Anonymous said…
Read your recap, awesome as usual! This episode is one of my favorites, I don't mind a tear-jerker once in a while :)

I agree that the Eric Stoltz joke got diluted. There was no need to give it extra time, especially with such big letters positioned right at the center of the screen. This misstep is a bit surprising; they sure know how to do subtle (say, Observer appearances), and that they have an attentive audience.

Maybe Nina didn't lie about her hand after all, just withheld some facts. Possibly, her hand stabilized, and then she developed cancer (that weird vibration/shimmering could have caused damage at cell level, I think).
Morgan Richter said…
Hi, Averys! I thought about that with Nina's arm, actually, and it makes a lot of sense.

The Eric Stoltz joke was onscreen for so long that it almost became funny again, just because it was such overkill. But really, a fleeting glance at the marquee would have been funnier.

Pretty much any Walter-heavy episode is going to be one of my favorites, just because John Noble is so damn good on this show.

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