Life Beyond Thunderdome: The Last Starfighter

My May column at Forces of Geek, "Life Beyond Thunderdome" is now up. This month? 1984's The Last Starfighter, which is a perfectly okayish kind of film.


levitatethis said…
I loved "The Last Starfighter". I remember seeing it in the theatre with my cousins and thinking it was pretty awesome. I've heard the rumors about a sequel and though normally that would make me roll my eyes, like you this is one of those films where I think a sequel might not only be possible, but could work.
Morgan Richter said…
This was my first time rewatching it since 1984. The first half holds up really, really well. The second half... well, the prolonged space battle was, to me, extremely dull. But overall, it's a good script -- it does a good job of establishing our protagonist and his goals, and the obstacles in our paths. The entire movie is very likeable.

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