Fun With Keywords: Trampy Jai Wilcox Edition

Here’s another look at some search terms used to find this site over the past few months, courtesy of Google Analytics. Is this post just a shameless excuse to look at photos of Sendhil Ramamurthy? Yep. Sure is.

is conrad sheehan still on covert affairs
No. The character was written out after the pilot, and sexy Jai Wilcox replaced him. And there was much rejoicing. Jai is pretty.

jai/auggie sex
Wow. Jai gets around, huh? Gotta say, I’m a little disappointed the Jai/Arthur crowd is keeping quiet. I thought that pairing would be a natural.

covert affairs will annie and jai ever hook up
I doubt it. Looks like he’ll be too busy with Ben, Joan and Auggie.

covert affairs bud light
Shameless product placement. Bud Light, Adidas, BMW… it’s not tough to figure out Covert Affairs’ major sponsors.

flashforward douche hero
Oh, that’d be Mark. I’m pretty sure his FBI credentials read, “Mark Benford: Douche Hero.”

best los angeles thrift stores
Depends on your interests. My personal favorite, as I’ve rhapsodized before, is It’s a Wrap on Robertson just north of Pico (there’s also one in Burbank). The inventory is limited to clothes, shoes and jewelry; if you’re looking for books or furnishings, I’d recommend either the Goodwill on Beverly and Fairfax (it’s new, big, and clean, and the staff is super-friendly) or any Out of the Closet store -- the one on Fairfax south of Melrose is a favorite. But for clothes -- particularly upscale designer clothes -- It’s a Wrap has the best selection.

mohinder's paisley shirt godsend
It’s glorious, isn’t it? Hey, speaking of It’s a Wrap, I searched long and hard through racks of Heroes wardrobe there for that paisley shirt, but to no avail. However, I do own the turquoise shirt he wore underneath it. Because wardrobe people tend to buy in multiples, they had two of it in stock; my sister owns the other one. It’s a damn good shirt. Manufactured by Guess?, mens size small. Comfy and flattering.

heroes humor mohinder scarf
Oh, yes. Mohinder’s scarf -- really, that whole outfit, with the hot pink shirt and the corduroy jacket -- is always good for a laugh.

i love joan covert affairs
Me too. Joan is fabulous.

beverly center or glendale galleria
Skip them both and hang out at The Grove. Best celebrity sightings in Los Angeles.

covert affairs what kind of shoes
Christian Louboutin, of the iconic red soles.

covert affairs, is jay wilcox adopted
why is jai's father white on covert affairs
what was jai's mother on covert affairs
Jai’s mother has been described only as “a neurosurgeon in Mumbai.” While it’s never explicitly stated that Henry is Jai’s natural father, that’s the conclusion we’re clearly meant to draw, based on Auggie’s burst of expository dialogue to Annie about Jai’s origins.

preppies of the apocalypse bad train movie
You say bad train movie. I say 83 minutes of sheer cheeseball delight.

describe miami vice season 3
Totally awesome. A slight dip in quality from the first two seasons, but pretty solid nonetheless. Let’s see… Zito got murdered, Sonny fell in love with smack-addicted surgeon Helena Bonham Carter, and Jeff Fahey blew up Sonny’s Ferrari with a rocket launcher, just to be a butthead.

emmanuelle vaugier is very hot in covert affairs
Oh, hell, Emmanuelle Vaugier is very hot in everything she does. Remember when she was Lex’s evil wife on Smallville?

foods judd nelson loves
I’m going to guess… Doritos and Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers.

hackers the movie strange how people viewed computers

harry shum is my crush on glee
Mine, too. He’s cute.

is annie a noc covert affairs
Yep, Annie’s a NOC. Her cover is a mild-mannered Smithsonian employee.

last episode of covert affairs,is moxi dead
This threw me at first, but I think it refers to Mozzie on the White Collar finale, which aired immediately before Covert Affairs. Mozzie got shot in the chest at close range and sure seemed to be in bad shape, but I’m about 90% sure he’ll be just fine. He’s too good a character for the show to lose like that.

white collar don't kill mozzie sign here
Aw. Something about this seems very, very sweet and earnest.

likelihood of covert affairs being picked up
It’s a done deal. The second season will air next summer, which seems very far away.

matt bomer, cheekbones

sendhil ramamurthy bone structure
Also outstanding.

mister william ocean psych
psych "william ocean"
what did mr william ocean say on psych
“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

narrow shoulders looks weird in t shirt
As long as the fit is good -- if the shoulder seams match up with the natural shoulders -- everyone can look good in a t-shirt, regardless of body type.

television psych agent driggs filmography
C. Thomas Howell. His full filmography can be viewed here. He was a teen star in the Eighties (The Outsiders, Red Dawn, The Hitcher, Soul Man… hell, he was even in E.T.) and has acted steadily, albeit with a lower profile, since then.

none of the actors on covert affairs carries a gun, why?
Because it’s a terrible idea to arm actors. As to the characters, I’ve heard the idea floated around that CIA agents aren’t allowed to be armed on home soil. However, we’ve seen Jai run around with a gun, looking all sexy and businesslike, both within the US (“What Is and What Should Never Be”) and abroad (“I Can’t Quit You, Baby” and “When the Levee Breaks”). Thus far, Annie has never carried a gun; maybe that will change as she becomes a more experienced operative. And off the top of my head, I can think of one excellent reason why Auggie should never, ever be armed.

opening sequence of covert affairs sucks
I like the theme music. As to the animated sequence, it’s growing on me, even though it does raise expectations the show can’t fulfill (really, we’ve yet to see Annie hop on a motorcycle and zip past the Eiffel Tower). It’s rare these days to find a show that still bothers to do an opening sequence, so I appreciate the effort, if nothing else.

what did annie call vivian on covert affairs
A wonk.

white collar neal alex what they were doing in the swimming pool
Well, ostensibly Alex wanted to make sure the FBI couldn’t wiretap their conversation, which is why she had him shed his clothes and jump in the water with her. On the other hand, they’re two incredibly attractive people frolicking naked in a swimming pool. Odds are good some hanky-panky was involved after the tasteful cutaway to the next scene.

personal email of morgan richter
me_richter (at) yahoo (dot) com is the best way to reach me.


Ingrid Richter said…
I love your keyword posts, Morgan!

I'll also add, as one of the owners of the turquoise Mohinder shirt, that it's soft and comfy and I've worn it around Queens several times. The man has good taste in shirts...
Morgan Richter said…
The turquoise Mohinder shirt is pretty awesome. BTW, I'm planning on wearing mine to visit dad tomorrow; don't wear yours, or we'll look like twins.

In addition to my other Mo shirts, I've acquired one of Peter Petrelli's black t-shirts. It's soft and comfy, but it attracts cat hair like nobody's business.
Anna said…
"bad train movie" could have been me, it's what I call the film. :)

About the lack of gun carrying on CA, I have seen the explanation somewhere that Annie cannot very well carry a gun while upholding the cover of "insuspicious Smithsonian employee".
But Jai carries guns a lot! I think he is never undercover at those times, though.

And I have hopes for Jai/Arthur in S2. Whose side will Jai choose in the epic battle of Arthur and Henry? What trust issues will arise? This should be good material to work with.
Morgan Richter said…
I hadn't really thought about it, but it would make sense that Smithsonian employee Annie wouldn't carry a gun because it'd totally give away her cover (and they even established in the London episode that the bad guys searched her hotel room and purse while she was in the casino, so obviously it would've been a bad idea for her to be armed). Yeah, we've never really seen Jai undercover, apart from him telling Danielle he works for the State department, have we?

I'm seriously curious about where Jai's loyalties will fall in the second season. His relationship with Henry is so damn interesting...

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