Fun With Keywords: Mohinder Doesn’t Give Up Edition

Keywords! Another month is done, so it’s time for more keywords! These are a few of the Google search terms visitors have used to find this site over the past month:

mohinder doesn't give up
As much as I adore Heroes’ beautiful Mohinder, I sort of think “giving up” is one of his core character traits, right up there with his disastrous fashion sense and his ability to turn my knees to jelly with his smile. I mean, he does flounce back to India in a huff when things go wrong for him more than once over the course of the series…

delta ceramcoat varnish dangerous
Well, yeah, if you huff it or drink it. And I wouldn’t eat off of anything you’ve glazed with it, because I doubt it’s food-safe. If it’s dangerous above and that, I’d like to remain blissfully ignorant, because I go through it in great quantities. It’s cheap, it spreads evenly, it dries fast, and it doesn’t stink up the place whenever I use it.

how sure is the apocalypse
the apocalypse is not close
Asked and answered.

sick sad twisted thomas gibson

criminal minds thomas gibson eyeliner
Could be, though I’m inclined to think it just looks that way because of his dark eyelashes. You want Gibson in noticeable eye makeup? Check out Love and Human Remains, in which he spends the whole film rocking the sexy panda look.

covert affairs joan jai affair
I like the way your mind works. Joan and Jai would be magical together.

6 key words on space
Final. Frontier. These. Voyages. Starship. Enterprise.

a list of all the two part episodes of criminal minds
The clear-cut two-parters are “The Fisher King Part 1” and “The Fisher King Part 2”; “The Big Game” and “Revelations”; “Lo-Fi” and “Mayhem”; “To Hell…” and “…And Back”; and “Our Darkest Hour” and “The Longest Night.” Then there are some closely linked episodes, where a plotline from one episode spills over into another: “Lucky” and “Penelope,” and “Instincts” and “Memoriam.” There are also episodes linked together by recurring unsubs: “The Fox” and “Outfoxed,” “No Way Out” and (the ridiculously-titled) “No Way Out 2: The Evil-ution of Frank,” and, perhaps most significantly, the entire multi-part Reaper arc: “Omnivore,” “…And Back,” “Faceless, Nameless,” “Outfoxed,” and “100.”

who shot mr. gibson on criminal minds
Firstly, I love the use of “Mr. Gibson,” which is so very polite; it’s like this search came straight from the copy desk at the New York Times. I’m presuming this refers to the genuinely startling ending of the season four finale, in which Thomas Gibson’s Hotch returns home and finds his mask-wearing, gun-toting, knife-happy, serial-killing nemesis George Foyet (C. Thomas Howell), who first appeared in the episode “Omnivore,” waiting for him.

criminal minds - morgan is only a temporary head of the bay right
Where “bay” is a typo for “BAU”, I’m assuming? Yeah, he only took over from Hotch as Unit Chief for a handful of episodes toward the beginning of Season Five, after meddling bureaucrat Chief Strauss demoted Hotch for, uh, getting stabbed by Foyet a bunch of times. Hotch took the reins back from Morgan after the events of “The Slave of Duty,” and order was restored to the universe.

skulky the turtle wonder criminal minds guest star?
Chilling. The way he disemboweled that entire family in rural Iowa? Gritty stuff. Another tour-de-force performance from this talented reptile.

skulky the turtle wonder is from a parallel earth
I hadn’t known that, but it does explain an awful lot.

how many times are the hardy boys knocked out?
Are we talking about the 1970s television series? They did seem to get bonked over their pretty little feathered heads a lot, didn’t they? I couldn’t give you an exact count, but it’s probably in the double digits.

shameless bud light promotion covert affairs
I have no idea why you’d say that.

salmon colored spiritual ray
By far the best kind of spiritual ray.

criminal minds best reid episodes
“The Uncanny Valley” and “Sex, Birth, Death” both show Reid at his best and brightest. You want Reid at his worst? “Elephant’s Memory,” “Distress,” and “Jones.”

what criminal minds episodes deal with reid's drug addiction
Once again, that’d be “Elephant’s Memory,” “Distress,” and “Jones.” Smart, competent, thoroughly awesome Reid becomes a snippy little bitch with a piss-poor work ethic when he’s jonesing.

criminal minds episode where killer messes with the team
Both “Fisher King” and “Masterpiece” fit this description, along with probably a few others.

episode of criminal minds where a guy acts as a tech support
You’re probably looking for “The Big Game” and “Revelations,” though “The Internet is Forever” sort of fits the bill as well.

criminal minds episode with the psycho guy who stabs a bunch of people
Lordy. Too many to count. Three in particular stand out: George Foyet was awfully stab-happy in “Omnivore,” Sean Patrick Flanery’s mentally-disturbed character in “Haunted” took down more than a few people with a knife, and the unsub in “Public Enemy” stabbed several people in public locations.

criminals minds repetitive
Oh, yeah. As the above searches show, the show definitely falls back on some familiar patterns. Thanks to that, there’s probably a stellar Criminal Minds drinking game or two out there: Drink whenever Garcia describes an unsub as living “off the grid”! Drink whenever Morgan prefaces a totally disrespectful observation with “No disrespect intended, but…”! Drink whenever Hotch eviscerates someone with little more than a few soft-spoken words and a well-timed glower!

episodes hotch interrogates
Yeah, Hotch gives good interrogation, doesn’t he? Try “Damaged,” “Seven Seconds,” “Riding the Lightning,” and “Natural Born Killer” for some standout Hotch moments.

did susan st. james play the part of yin in psych?
Somewhere out there, Ally Sheedy (b. 1962) is having a good cry about being mistaken for Susan St. James (b. 1946).

fake jj ruining criminal minds
Naah. The poor writing is ruining Criminal Minds. The fake J.J. -- i.e. rookie agent Ashley Seaver, played by Rachel Nichols, who bears more than a faint resemblance to the unceremoniously fired and much-missed A.J. Cook -- hasn’t yet made an impact on the show one way or another, since she’s had so very little to do thus far. I hate the whole idea of placing an inexperienced agent on the BAU, but she’s fine. She’s a good actress, and she seems likeable. The show has much greater problems right now than the addition of Seaver.

fake nudes of criminal minds cast
the a team fake nude
gina gershon fake nude photos
peter petrelli fake nude
I am mystified -- yet entertained! -- by all the “fake nude” searches.

judd nelson drops from the ceiling and strangles a woman
I’m going to say… Relentless? Judd Nelson fans (you know who you are), chime in here if you know otherwise.

nude + andrew + shoes
If you do a Google image search for “Nude Andrew Shoes,” this site comes up in three of the top ten search results, which is not helpful. Sorry about that. The ways of Google are mysterious.

psych "totally silence of the lambs" "that makes you"
…Frankie Faison.

what year was matthew gray gubler ranked a top 50 model?
I’m not entirely sure. At one point, he was ranked #46 on the ever-changing list at, but they don’t seem to archive their past rankings. In any case, even though he’s more focused on that whole acting/directing thing (which seems to be working out pretty well for him), he’s still repped by DNA Model Management; his portfolio is well worth a gander.

tracy gold dress dance till dawn
It was black, slinky, and fabulous. She looked great. Wish I had a better picture.

tighe's charges undeniably just went up at lava
This confused me greatly, and then I Googled it. It’s all clear now. “Tighe’s Charges Undeniably Just Went Up At Lava” is a big name for a cute little dog. He also goes by “Denny.”

rhys-myers, gruffudd, roomates
Wrong Rhys. Ioan Gruffudd used to share a flat with Matthew Rhys, not with Jonathan Rhys-Myers.

when was morganrichter born
Granted, there are other Morgan Richters out there, but since “morganrichter” is my Twitter handle, I’ll go ahead and assume this means me. It’s probably easy enough to arrive at a ballpark figure for my age, given my propensity for quoting Duran Duran lyrics and my fierce and unironic love of Miami Vice, but I’ll narrow it down even more: I was born on the same day and year as my separated-at-birth twin sister, Kate Moss.


Anonymous said…
mohinder doesn't give up

That was me :) I was looking for some post-S4 speculation; I don't buy the "promise to a girl" crap. Unless:
Mira: Seriously, stop leaving the door of our frige open!
Mohinder: I swear this is the last time.
Mira: Make a promise.
Mohinder: I promise this won't happen again.
Mira: Fine.
*Mohinder departs for the US, leaving the door of the fridge wide open*
*Thoughts about the broken promise almost drive him insane, the asylum only makes the situation worse*
*Mohinder returns to India, closes the door, gives the fridge to Mira as a parting gift, and goes back to the US*
Problem fixed, Mohinder doesn't give up :)

skulky the turtle wonder is from a parallel earth

Where is the "Beware of Spoilers" sign? Now Skulky's surprise appearance on Fringe is ruined for me :(
Morgan Richter said…
Averys, I think your Mohinder-Mira scenario seems very plausible; if Heroes had been renewed for another season, Mo's return to the U.S. would have probably played out exactly along those lines.

Now Skulky's surprise appearance on Fringe is ruined for me :(

Heh, sorry! I don't want to be spoilery, but I'm already hearing some Emmy buzz about Skulky's upcoming multi-episode arc on Fringe...
Ingrid Richter said…
Man, that Gubler is an attractive lad! Just went through his modeling portfolio...

Love your keyword posts, Morgan! And averys, you crack me up :-)
Morgan Richter said…
Gubler is beautiful, and I love his modeling shots (hipster drag! sweater vests! wacky hats! toreador jackets!), but honestly, I never again need to see him without his shirt on (I'm talking in particular about page 22 of his downloadable portfolio). Those frail little upper arms and protruding shoulder bones make me feel icky. It's probably for the best he remains fully clad all the time on Criminal Minds.
Lou said…
I'm so late to the comments party aren't I? Just wanted to say I really enjoy all these fun with keywords. What fantastically random things people google. I feel my searches are just so mundane.

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