Fun With Keywords: Special Moving-Is-Traumatic Edition

Duran Duran reviews will return in a bit, but I’m taking a quick break to: a) recover from a grueling coast-to-coast move (blood, sweat and tears have all been involved, in significant quantities), and b) take an overdue look at some of the search terms visitors have used to find this site recently. Here we go:

what gives, wyoming preppies
I’m dazzled by the concept of Wyoming preppies. I’m picturing crew-necked sweaters and tennis skirts paired with bolo ties and hand-tooled cowboy boots. If done correctly, it could be awesome.

prentiss crush hotch
Heh. I realize this is probably intended to mean Emily Prentiss has a secret crush on Hotch, which is a popular theory among some Criminal Minds fans, but there’s a fun “Hulk smash!” air to the phrasing: “Prentiss crush Hotch! Prentiss strong!”

power station cocainey
By multiple reports and general consensus, extremely cocainey.

thomas gibson villain
Gibson’s very best villain role was in the miniseries Tales of the City (as well as its sequel, More Tales of the City). Honorable mention goes to his excellent work in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. No, really. Crap movie, but he shines in it.

what movie was thomas gibson when he played the devil
The Devil’s Child. Note how I didn’t include that in with his best villain roles. This was not an oversight on my part, I assure you.

"i felt very grown up when i was wearing makeup thank you very much"
That’d be a quote from Mr. Nick Rhodes, who tends to speak in extra-quippy bon mots. (My personal favorite Nickism: “Pretentious? I should jolly well think so!”.) Nick’s lack of a Twitter account continues to be a source of great sadness for me. It would either be brilliant or insufferable. No room for middle ground there. Either way, I’d totally follow it.

15 minute video version of new moon on monday
It’s an Easter egg on the Duran Duran Greatest video collection, which features the most monstrously irritating and ass-backward layout of any DVD set ever. To access it, click on the “S” in “GREATEST” on the main menu on Disk I (which is inexplicably marked as Disk II on my set). Click on “New Moon on Monday.” Watch the video all the way through four complete times -- it’ll be a different version each time. According to Wikipedia, the versions are as follows: the “Dancing on the Valentine” version (which is the silly one where Simon wields a bow and arrow and poses dramatically in front of a full moon, plus they’ve added some incongruous footage of a nekked woman in chains), the original MTV long version, the alternative MTV version, and the MTV short version. The fifth and final version is the seventeen-minute movie version. By the time you finally reach it, you’ll feel like you’ve earned it.

…Or you can just watch it on YouTube. Whichever.

"new moon on monday" worst video
Yeah, you know those five different versions I mentioned? None of them sparkle. Still, it’s hardly the worst video. It’s not even Duran Duran’s worst video. Granted, there’s a whole lot to mock about it, but up until the part where Andy and Roger whip out the kite that shoot lightning bolts, and then the lightsaber-wielding occupying soldiers ride into town on horseback, and then the boys wave celebratory sparklers around while awkwardly dancing, it’s pretty solid. Even the awful parts are at least entertainingly awful.

what is the symbol in new moon on monday
It’s sort of a stylized “Z” with lines through it. A version of the same symbol shows up on Simon’s belt buckle in the anime video for “Careless Memories.”

a view to a kill video model
Gail Elliott played the slinky brunette model Nick was photographing at the Eiffel Tower. Fun Duran-related fact: Yasmin Le Bon was a bridesmaid at her wedding.

model arcadia the flame video
According to Nick, his glamorous blonde companion was played by Denise Lewis.

crimial minds why in north korea prison
Excellent question. I feel fairly certain no one on the entire Criminal Minds writing staff had any idea why IRA member Ian Doyle was sent to a North Korean prison, either. While that episode, “Valhalla,” was far from the worst offender in the wildly inconsistent sixth season, it was the one that finally broke my spirit and made me give up on watching/recapping the show.

is duran duran's theme girl panic related to any anime
This doesn’t appear to be the case (to hear the boys discuss it, the song seems to be entirely about, like, girls), though “Girl Panic!” sure has a nice anime-style ring to it.

is alexandra daddario related sherilyn fenn
Evidently not, though there’s definitely a resemblance between these two gorgeous brunettes.

how self absorbed is claire bennet?
How much time do you have? Remember way back in Volume Two of Heroes when she decided to expose her super-powers to the world even as her mother begged her not to because it would place her entire family in grave and immediate danger? Remember in Volume Six when she sliced open her arm with a carving knife at the Thanksgiving table because she didn’t like her mom’s new boyfriend? Holy crap, remember the scene where she spat out her food in the Indian restaurant? Claire had some good moments over the course of the series, and Hayden Panettiere is a cutie, but crikey, for someone who was supposed to have the audience’s support and sympathy, that was one poorly-handled character.

gus: did you just use the characters from
On Psych, Shawn invoked characters from the 1983 Burt Reynolds/Loni Anderson film Stroker Ace. Gus was not impressed by his partner’s pop-culture prowess.

duran duran videos sri lanka three
“Hungry Like the Wolf,” “Save a Prayer,” and “Lonely in Your Nightmare” were all shot during the same visit to Sri Lanka.

guy in white jacket in hungry like the wolf
While both Simon and Nick are also seen wearing white in “Hungry Like the Wolf,” you are almost certainly referring to John, whose white jacket/no shirt combination is one of the most, er, memorable parts of the video.

in duran duran’s “save a prayer” video, who gets sprayed directly in the face with water by the elephant while sitting on its back?
John does, and it’s glorious.

duran duran with crabs video
…Okay, that just sounds wrong. Ahem. Anyway, a crab seizes hold of Roger’s toe in the video for “Rio.”

did patrick swayze ever star in criminal minds season 2 episode 14?
Nope. That was Don Swayze, who bears a marked resemblance to his late older brother.

dance on the table while singing hungry like the wolf
Yeah, that’s pretty much every Friday night around my place.

the best miami vice episodes
This is by no means comprehensive, but my favorites include: “Brother’s Keeper,” “Evan,” “Whatever Works,” “Out Where the Buses Don’t Run,” “Junk Love,” “Definitely Miami,” “Payback,” “Little Miss Dangerous,” “Trust Fund Pirates,” “El Viejo,” “Theresa,” “Lend Me an Ear,” “Death and the Lady,” “Love at First Sight,” “Blood and Roses,” “Hostile Takeover,” and “Redemption in Blood.” It’s no accident that many of those are from the excellent second season.

criminal minds; shemar moore looks foolish with his sculpted eyebrows
Shemar Moore is too beautiful to ever look foolish, exactly, but the sculpted eyebrows he’s been sporting recently don’t do too much for him.

sendhil ramamurthy captain dimple
“Captain Dimple” is an excellent nickname for Sendhil, though personally I’m partial to “Commander Cheekbones,” or maybe even “Admiral Outstanding Bone Structure.”

everyone wants to cuddle sendhil ramamurthy
Of course they do. He’s Captain Dimple!

senator jellyfish from x men man
I’m thrilled to find someone else who refers to Bruce Davison -- the gelatinous Senator Kelly in the first X-Men movie -- as Senator Jellyfish.

mom jeans are evil
Not evil. Just deeply unflattering to everyone, everywhere. Which I suppose, in its way, is a form of evil.

mary lightly psych
Jimmi Simpson played the deeply odd Mary Lightly on Psych. He now plays the deeply odd Lloyd Lowery on Breakout Kings, where he’s pretty much running away with the whole damn show.

preppies of the apocalypse trailer 1980s
“Preppies of the Apocalypse” does indeed sound like a fabulous 1980s film, but no, the concept is all mine. (Oh, dear lord. I just did a Google Image search for “Preppies of the Apocalypse,” just to confirm that all the results somehow pertain to this site, and it’s like looking at a weird cross-section of my brain. My shallow, shallow brain.)

That’s all I’ve got. Duran Duran reviews return next week; Covert Affairs recaps pick up when the second season kicks off in June.


Dan said…
I am saddened that the image search does not return Mookies™
Dan said…
Dan crush Mookie™-less Google image search!
Morgan Richter said…
I am saddened that the image search does not return Mookies™

Me too, considering how the whole Mookies™ nonsense was possibly this site's finest moment. Dig how your stylish avatar (and, y'know, your site) comes up on the very first page of search results, though. That's got to be some consolation.
Cheryl Kraynak said…
Key phrases: What a great idea for a blog post!
Duran Duran with crabs! haha ha!

but OMG, it's almost sacrilige to mix up Patrick and Don Swayze!

Sorry to hear about the drama with the move, but all is well I'm sure. Are you anywhere near Connecticut?

I'm happy to report that today I began reading Andy's bio and now I have to rush to dig out my Live Aid DVD and re-watch whichever clips of Duran2 are on it so I can put it together with Andy's prologue.
So far I'm loving the bio because it flows well and his early life story is very interesting. I'm sure I'll be done with the book in time for your next Duranalysis.
Have a great week!
Cheryl Kraynak said…
erg...somehow I tried to spell that right and still failed. I meant S-A-C-R-I-L-E-G-E. Right?
Morgan Dodge said…
I LOVE that Dan's erm... pic (?) appears above yours in the image results for your own blog.

The Mookies™ would seem like an oversight, but despite the enthusiasm for them amongst our crowd here I don't think they ever caught on. Sad face, I know.

The Akira pic reminded me to ask if you've seen the Akira motor cycle replicas? Not really a motor cycle guy, but I think they're kinda cool.

When I was a teenager and reading all into stuff in album art I figured that the weird Z with the double lines through it was for the number 7, somehow. One for the vertical stroke, and then six for the lines on each side. 1+6=7. Since it was on Lebon's belt buckle, I would propose that the Ragged Tiger was in Lebon's pants.
Morgan Richter said…
Cheryl -- I'm in New York now (Queens), so yeah, much closer to Connecticut than before! Glad you're reading Andy's book -- it's a fun read.

Morgan Dodge -- Good to see you back around these parts, Boy-Morgan. I haven't seen the Akira cycles! I'll have to look for them.

I LOVE that Dan's erm... pic (?) appears above yours in the image results for your own blog.

I'm used to it. For a long time, if you Googled "Skulky the Turtle Wonder", the first few results would be the posts on Dan's site where he linked to my Heroes recaps. The universe has since righted itself.

Since it was on Lebon's belt buckle, I would propose that the Ragged Tiger was in Lebon's pants

I feel quite certain Simon would agree with you on this.
Morgan Richter said…
erg...somehow I tried to spell that right and still failed. I meant S-A-C-R-I-L-E-G-E. Right?

Heh. Nobody ever needs to feel embarrassed about typos in blog comments. Happens all the time.
Alicia said…
Yay, you'll be recapping Covert Affairs! Looking forward to it (although the sneak peek looked silly...). :)
Morgan Richter said…
Alicia, I haven't seen the Covert Affairs sneak peek yet. Too bad it looks silly! The USA Network is having a free screening of the season premiere (White Collar too) tomorrow night somewhere in New York, but I'm still feeling sort of ill at ease in my new city, so I don't think I'll venture out to see it. I can wait one more week.

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