I was a weird kid…

Earlier this week, my dad mailed me a bunch of my old grade-school papers and report cards and drawings and such. The true gem amongst these is this series of color sketches of “Movie Previews” (or rather, “Preveiws”) I drew when I was seven. I’ll present these largely without comment, other than to point out the following:

1. My spelling has improved since 1981. Curiously, my handwriting has not.

2. “Cathy Crack” is the name of an intrepid girl detective who first appeared in a lavishly illustrated (and totally bonkers) short story I wrote in 1981, The Case of the Crystal Cat. It should be noted that my sister Ingrid also churned out an illustrated story featuring an intrepid girl detective. Hers was named Peggy Paint. We were heavily into alliterative names at the time.

3. I think The Land Where Yesterday is Tomorrow is a decent enough title -- kind of wistful and melancholy, kind of enigmatic -- but Who Killed My Boss? is freaking genius.

Coming soon!
Cathy looked as a powwerful young girl peeked from behind a clothes dummy.
(Cathy Crack 2#)
P.S. not out yet!

Cathy stared at the picture over her bed.
(Cathy Crack 2#)

The Miricale reached up and caught the ball.
(from "The Miricale")
Comming soon!

The Miracle handed me a picture.
From "The Miracle"

Coming soon!
"Forgive me," Kathleen whispered.
From The Land Where Yesterday is Tomorrow
Sequel to "A Dragon's Haloe"

Paisy stared at the scetch in her hand.
From "Who Killed My Boss?"


Ingrid Richter said…
Aw, hell, I'd go see any of these movies, Morgan! Fine, fine stuff...
Morgan Richter said…
I like how a full half of these are pictures of pictures -- the picture over Cathy's bed, the picture the Miracle (or "Miricale") hands over, the sketch in Paisy's (possibly meant to be "Daisy," but it's equally probable I thought "Paisy" was a way-cool name) hand. I'm sure that means something...
Ingrid Richter said…
I think all movie posters should have a "P.S. Not out yet!" note at the bottom.

"Who killed my boss?" is friggin' awesome. You were ahead of your time for descriptive movie titles.
Morgan Dodge said…
These are made of awesome. Is there a full plot to "Who Killed My Boss?" Or Cathy Crack? So cool!
Morgan Richter said…
Boy-Morgan, I'll have to send you the entirety of "The Case of the Crystal Cat," published August 1981, featuring the bravura first appearance of Cathy Crack. The gun-toting villain is named "Joeseph Catunburg." Sadly, I don't think "Who Killed My Boss?" ever made it past the Movie Preview stage. I was good at ideas, but lacked follow-through.

Ingrid: Yeah, it's hard to think of any movie poster that wouldn't be improved by slapping "P.S. not out yet!" at the bottom.
DKoren said…
Love these!! I do like the pictures of pictures, and the titles you pointed out are really cool.
Dan said…
Pictures of pictures? If only you'd gone to pictures of pictures of pictures you'd have been half-way to 'Inception' and box office millions.

Is Cathy Crack whack?
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, DKoren!

Dan: Cathy Crack is indeed whack, yo. Cathy's best friend Pam owns a mechanical bull, which to my seven-year-old brain was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

When in doubt, just draw a picture of a picture. Works every time...

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