Psych: Last Night Gus

So the entire Psych gang, including eccentric coroner Woody (Kurt Fuller), hangs out a bar to celebrate the retirement of an old duffer named Jim from the Santa Barbara Police Department. Shawn orders a round of shots for everyone, and the next thing you know, he’s waking up in the morning at his desk in the Psych offices, wearing a shower cap, a strange pair of sandals, and a bling-y gold chain. Gus is passed out on the floor, and Lassiter and Woody are zonked on the couch, improbably spooning. Lassiter also has a black eye; his gun, which is missing three bullets, is submerged in the fish tank.

And no one has any memory of the night before. Cue the Hangover tribute episode!

The gang tries to piece together the events of the evening. Shawn’s phone has a video of everyone at the bar, hanging out with an unknown man in a Hawaiian shirt. Lassiter’s car is missing; Gus’s car is (poorly) parked outside with a ginormous dent in the hood.

The man in the Hawaiian shirt is found floating in the water, dead from three gunshot wounds. Gus’s phone is in the man’s pocket, and Shawn’s shoes are found near the body. The dead man’s phone contains surveillance photos of a middle-aged blonde woman (whom Shawn describes as “Terri Garr-esque”). Urine tests reveal that Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Woody were all drugged, presumably at the bar. Shawn has a fuzzy memory from the previous night of a man staring at a couple of attractive women; theorizing the guy might’ve intended to drug the women and simply slipped the stuff in the wrong glasses, Shawn drags everyone over to the bar to interrogate the bartender.

The suspicious man turns out to be the bartender’s boyfriend, who was presumably not at all interested in drugging the women. At the bar, Gus is accosted by a gorgeous young woman (Jessica Lucas), who kisses him enthusiastically and thanks him for the great time they had last night. Gus is pleasantly flummoxed by this.

Next stop: A doughnut shop, which showed up in the dead man’s photos. The cashier recognizes the whole gang instantly. He shows them security video, taken the previous night, of Lassiter crashing Gus’s car into Bobo, the store’s beloved doughnut mascot, then getting into a fistfight with an unidentified man. Shortly thereafter, the body of the man who scuffled with Lassiter is found in his car down the block from the donut shop. He’s identified as Scott Williams, the husband of the blonde woman in the photos, Gloria. Shawn deduces that the dead man in the Hawaiian shirt was a private detective, hired by Scott to keep an eye on Gloria.

Meanwhile, Henry wakes up in a hotel room, minus his pants and with no recollection of the previous night. He calls Shawn in a panic. When Shawn arrives to help his dad, he discovers that Gloria Williams is a guest at the hotel -- Henry had been helping the private investigator track her down. When Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, Juliet and Henry search Gloria’s room, a leaky gas pipe causes an explosion. They all end up diving from the second-story railing into the pool below to avoid getting blown to bits.

And then rapper/former MTV VJ Ed Lover randomly shows up at the SBPD and takes his bling-y gold necklace back from Shawn.

Shawn recognizes one of the men photographed with Gloria Williams from a wanted poster in the SBPD: Leroy Jenkins, wanted in connection with thirty-seven armed robberies. His nearest relative is Lilly Jenkins… the gorgeous woman Gus hooked up with last night.

Unaware of all this, Gus entertains Lilly in his apartment. She drugs his drink. A gun-toting Leroy arrives and demands that Gus give him the private detective’s phone with the incriminating photos. Leroy killed the detective and Scott Williams when their investigation into Gloria’s infidelities threatened to expose him; Lilly drugged the gang at the bar last night in a botched attempt to retrieve the phone and erase the photos. Lassiter, Juliet and Shawn burst in to save Gus from Leroy; a messy gunfight ensues, which ends when a blissed-out Gus whacks Leroy over the head with a bowl of taffy.

Well, huh. I’m curiously neutral-to-down on this episode -- scenes mysteriously vanished from my brain as soon as I was finished watching them, and I really can’t recall any big standout moments, much less think of anything remotely witty and/or insightful to point out. This is curious, though: After I finished watching, I headed over to IMDB’s Psych page, as is my habit, to make sure I had the correct spellings for the names of guest stars, etcetera. IMDB is somehow under the impression that this episode guest-starred Corey Feldman, Tom Lenk, and Kristy Swanson.

I assure you, it did not.

I can only assume we’ve got an upcoming Feldman-Lenk-Swanson extravaganza in the works, and that, my friends, will be something to remember.


Morgan Dodge said…
I kinda liked it, but it wasn't the best episode. I was also watching it, bored out of my gourd, in the lounge of a print vendor while waiting for my pages to come up for press check. So I was a little out of it.

Anyway, The preview for next week's episode showed it to be vampire-centric and mentioned Corey Feldman. Lenk and Swanson would also make sense for cameos in a vampire episode, so I can only assume that someone is off by one week with their guest stars.

I quite liked the slow mo to the music of them walking into the bar, probably my favorite part, although it wasn't shot with a high speed camera so there's frame jitter when it's run as slow motion footage. I'll stop nitpicking now and take a nap. Er, work. I mean work. Yes, that's it.
Morgan Richter said…
The walking-into-the-bar scene was in slo mo??? Heh -- I was watching it online and just assumed I was having buffering problems. Go figure. And because I was watching online (still no cable, so I'm on the mercy of the USA website), I missed the preview for next week's vampireapalooza. Yes, those three guest stars would only make sense in a vampire-themed ep.

Fun fact: I have met both Feldman and Lenk. My vamp cred is high.

Also: I can't help but feel I did a fairly half-assed job with this post. I'm fighting off a cold, I didn't dig the episode too much, and I shot all my creative energy writing up my Sing Blue Silver posts this week. Read those instead; they're much better than this.
I was just THRILLED that this episode featured Kurt Fuller so much. I just love him.

Also, the slo-mo walk into the bar was an homage to "Reservoir Dogs", with the slo-mo and the song "Little Green Bag." Just sayin'.

PS - M.R. - this is Jessica. I can't figure out how to use my name instead of my blogger "Identity."
Morgan Richter said…
Hey, Jessica! At some point, I'll have to tell you my hilarious anecdote as to why I'm making everyone comment here using their Blogger/OpenID identity. I'll probably disable it soon and let people go back to commenting anonymously. Sorry for the hassle.

Heh -- yeah, totally missed the slo-mo. Like I told Morgan Dodge (aka Boy-Morgan), I was watching it online with lots of buffering problems, and I just assumed that was more of the same. Whoops.

Love me some Kurt Fuller. He's a good addition to the show.

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