Dragged into 2012, kicking and screaming.

Happy New Year, everyone! New material is right around the bend, maybe, probably, just as soon as I figure out what direction I want this blog to take this year. (I'm currently thinking Miami Vice recaps, because it's always 1984 inside my brain.)

I will be joining you all in 2012 momentarily. Until then, I recommend amusing yourselves by visiting this cool little Tumblr: WTF is Duran Duran wearing? It's visual poetry.


Cheryl Kraynak said…
OMG!!! Yeah,those days with Warren were bit misguided fashion-wise. Le Bon in a crew cut?! Wow, never have I seen that! And that ass shot of Nick--dare I say he had a better figure than I did back then!
Morgan Richter said…
Yeah, the boys made some egregious (but sort of awesome!) fashion choices during the Warren years. And oddly, Simon was usually the worst offender.

I have this pair of tiny, skinny, cropped, baby blue, size-two Armani pants that I picked up at a thrift store a couple years back. They fit me at the time; they don't anymore. I call them my Nick Rhodes pants, because I'm pretty sure he would've been able to fit into them in the 80s and 90s, no problem (they also totally look like something he would've worn, probably paired with suede boots and a frilly blouse with enormous padded shoulders). His waist was tiny back then.

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