Duranalysis: The Making of Arena, Part One

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details-later said…
Nick launching into a lecture and parlaying his magical pixie ways! Gold! And yes, discovering Nick had this basso voice so much later into my Duran fandom was a massive surprise!

And yes, watching the Arena thing was not fun, not Duran enough — all that magical pixie work and Louma crane action just didn't go well in the end!
Morgan Richter said…
That clip with Nick bedazzling his jacket is pretty much the perfect litmus test for sounding out one's feelings about Duran Duran. Anyone who doesn't see the inherent awesomeness in it is probably not going to be a big fan of the magical pixie.

Oh, lordy, Nick's voice... it still comes as a shock to hear that low, drawling, nasal monotone coming from this tiny, fragile wisp of a thing. At some point, he must've done a complete overhaul of his speaking voice (and I'm not talking about losing his Birmingham accent), because he sounds much less nasal now, but it's still surprisingly low.

Arena's such a disappointment, because they had both the budget and the ideas to do something really awesome -- it just was executed poorly. If the boys had just been fully incorporated into the whole framing device with Durand Durand (stick Simon on roller skates in the roller-derby scenes! Dangle John over the mutant creature-filled tank!), that would have been a huge step in the right direction.
khanada said…
god, i hate arena. and can i just say something that bugs me about it? it's kind of a sequel of sorts to barbarella, which takes place in the future (the year 40,000 or something i think). arena obviously takes place in the present, so 1983-1984. that's such a stupid error there that annoys me, and i don't even like barbarella or arena. if i want to watch the live stuff, i usually just watch as the lights go down.
Morgan Richter said…
Khanada, Arena frustrates me because there's some potential there to do something really cool, and they just didn't take it far enough. It's sloppy -- I mean, they could have just added a bit explaining that Durand Durand went back in time, for example, to clear up any confusion about the timeline, but it's just careless overall. Some good ideas, but they mostly go nowhere. (And I know all the Durans were badly overextended during this time, what with touring and shooting videos, and didn't have the time to dedicate to this, but it really crippled Arena that the boys themselves weren't involved in the framing device.)

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