Fun With Keywords: Stylish Lonely Boy Anime Edition

Here’s a look at some of the various Google searches people used to find this website over the past few months, courtesy of Google Analytics. (Frankly, it surprises me that anyone is finding this site at all, due to the grievous lack of fresh content around here lately, but that’s neither here nor there.)

stylish lonely boy anime
Yeah, that’s every anime series ever. I just did a Google Image search for “lonely boy anime”, and my laptop almost melted into a puddle from the subsequent megadose of Terminal Emo.
allen too young actress awake
I’d agree. Laura Allen, while no doubt a fine actress, was too young to effectively play Jason Isaac’s grieving wife on Awake. I’ll add that she was poorly directed, too, at least in the early episodes. Everyone’s grief experience is different, but she seemed weirdly blithe and perky as the recently bereaved mom of a teenaged son. Some of that was the point, that she was itching to move on with her life while her husband held onto the past, but it was off-putting. A dollop of gravitas would have helped that character immensely.

francesco scavullo duran duran
Legendary photographer Scavullo did an iconic photoshoot with Duran Duran in 1984. I’m not sure if the resulting photos are compiled in any one place, but they’re worth seeking out. Also worthwhile is rock photographer Denis O’Regan’s gorgeous portfolio of Duran shots. Funny thing: Stick a skilled photographer in front of a gaggle of insanely photogenic boys, and good things tend to happen.

orlando bloom facial hair
Never a good idea. If I had my druthers, Orlando would be clean-shaven (and wearing a long blond wig) at all times.

ioan gruffudd benedict cumberbatch
You’re thinking of Amazing Grace. Cool little movie, and they’re both fantastic in it.

name one good episode of criminal minds
I love the vaguely antagonistic tone of this query, as though the searcher is pretty sure no one will be able to come up with a single good Criminal Minds episode. I’m going to go with “The Uncanny Valley,” because it’s both deeply creepy and well-written; if you don’t like that one, Criminal Minds probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea.

jo polniaczek mullet
Oh, yes. In later seasons of The Facts of Life, Jo got herself a dandy mullet. I have a sentimental fondness for a good mullet. Growing up in Spokane in the 1980s, a good 50-60% of my classmates could’ve won a Steve Perry look-alike contest. That’s counting boys and girls.

question? is duran duran's john taylor ticklish
There are probably a whole slew of people out there who have first-hand knowledge of the answer to this question. It is to my eternal regret that I am not one of them.

cruel cruel summer lyrics
Impenetrable, aren’t they? The various Brit-isms in Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” confounded my American brain when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was able to make sense out of “This heat has got right out of hand.” For years, my best guess was “This heat has my pride out of hand.” Great song, though -- when I lived in Los Angeles, my motto might very well have been “Trying to smile, but the air is so heavy and dry.”

describe what your nightmare is and see it as a pitcher

is john taylor in an arcadia video
Yes! John Taylor has a quick cameo in Arcadia’s “The Flame,” which is such an adorable video that everyone should stop whatever you’re doing and watch it, now.

why doesn't roger taylor appear in any arcadia videos
Because he’d already fled the chaos of Duran Duran and entered a life outside of the public eye by the time Nick and Simon got around to making any Arcadia videos.

roger taylor sing blue silver tour
Oh, lordy. I sort of lost my heart to poor Roger in the Sing Blue Silver tour documentary, just for how exhausted and hilariously fed up with his fellow Durans he seemed the entire time.

a&e horatio hornblower major edrington
Ah, yes. Samuel West. I love Hornblower’s snooty yet dauntingly competent Major Edrington, who really just had to be the inspiration for Jack Davenport’s Commodore Norrington in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

archie kennedy competent
No. Throughout the entire first series of Hornblower, Archie’s salient character trait was “rank incompetence.” Look, any time one of your shipmates has to club you over the head and leave you behind to prevent you from screwing up your super-important mission, it’s a sign you might be out of your league.

andy taylor life in duran duran nick collapses
It’s thanks to Andy’s book (“Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran”) that I know about paroxysmal tachycardia, which is what caused Nick’s collapse in Montserrat.

anyone know how to make a bunny from key words?
No. Nobody knows how to do that.

criminal minds best season
I’m going to go with “Anything but the unending disaster zone known as Season Six.”

aaron hotchner stare
Bone-chilling and yet hilarious. The Hotch Stare™ is maybe the only reason why I regret no longer watching Criminal Minds.

in what episode does hotch walk unprotected into a hostage situation
Season Five, “Haunted.” Great Hotch moment. I love Hotch. I find his proprietary blend of stoic-plus-crazy very appealing.

does the guy who now plays gus on the t.v. series pych used to play as rudy's boyfriend on the cosby show?
Nope. It’s a running gag on Psych that Gus, played by Dulé Hill, resembles a grown-up version of The Cosby Show’s Kenny, aka Bud, who was played by Deon Richmond.

psych inside joke bud from cosby
Yep. See above. The gag is made even better with the casting of Cosby Show matriarch Phylicia Rashad as Gus’s mom.

douche and gabbana rings
Er… Dolce. Dolce & Gabbana.

duran duran sleazy
Yes! Joyously sleazy, bless them.

duran duran's ass
Just one Duran's ass, singular?

gundam wings dorothy and quatre porn pictures
Huh. Quatre and Dorothy are both swell, and I think that scene where sweet, sunny Quatre earnestly tells Dorothy he thinks she’s a kind person as he politely bleeds out after she impales him is one of Gundam Wing’s finest moments. But I really don’t need to see any porn pictures of those two. Especially since Quatre is supposed to be, like, thirteen or something.

hey there, hope you dont mind chatting with a spiteful horny girl, soo how are ya?
Don’t mind at all. Doing pretty well. You?

john taylor duran school ugly
See, that’s the accepted mythology, that John Taylor was some kind of awkward, homely geek when he was but a wee lad in merrie olde England, but I call bullshit. Have you seen that bone structure?

why does white collar have bad green screen
You’re talking about the second season, right, when Tiffani Thiessen was extremely pregnant, where there were a bunch of scenes with Peter and Elizabeth filmed in front of a series of extremely unconvincing Manhattan backdrops? Yeah, those were pretty bad.

miami vice pilot awesome
Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes. Do you want to be my best friend? I’ve got the complete series of Miami Vice on DVD, in the collector’s edition white crocodile-patterned case with the aqua velvet lining.

nick rhodes dancing
Delightfully awkward. Watch him shaking his shoulders off the beat in the “New Moon on Monday” video. Then watch him gamely try to tap dance in the Sing Blue Silver documentary. Nick is a dazzling, magical, enchanting fairy creature who is capable of many wondrous things. Dancing is not one of those things.

revlon wearing tosser
When I first read the description of Nick Rhodes as, and I do quote, a “Revlon-wearing tosser” in Andy Taylor’s autobiography, I had this immediate mental picture of Nick sitting glumly in his fabulous mansion, Andy’s book at his manicured fingertips, champagne flute at his elbow, staring at his high-end make-up collection, nothing but Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel as far as the eye can see, nary a mass-market brand in sight: “Revlon? Revlon? It’s like Andy doesn’t know me at all.”

nick rhodes without makeup
Photos of Nick sans makeup aren’t exactly common, but they’re not quite the Holy Grail you might think, either. His ex-wife’s highly entertaining blog is a good place to find old candid shots of Nick minus his warpaint.

sendhil ramamurthy married to?
Polish-born actress Olga Sosnovska, who is every bit as preposterously gorgeous as her husband.

veronica mars criminal minds crossover
How great would that be? I’d love to see a grown-up Veronica join the BAU. The closest I can come up with is that time that Francis Capra, Veronica Mars’ Weevil, played a serial killer on Criminal Minds. Weevil, I’m very disappointed in you.

what was the movie in which thomas gibson playead a bad guy?
He’s played a few villains in his day. Far and Away has its admirers, but for my money, if you want pure uncut Gibson villainy, look no further than The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

what the hell is duran duran the reflex about?
According to Andy Taylor’s biography, one theory is that Nick Rhodes is the Reflex, the only child waiting in the park who’s also in charge of finding treasures in the dark. Even though Simon (who wrote the lyrics and thus should be the last word on the subject) disputes this, this is my preferred interpretation.

in duran duran's video for is there something i should know whats with the baby
Not sure. In my Duranalysis, I yammered on for a while about the transition into adulthood, but I’m not at all convinced that even I buy that.

whats the point of new moon on monday video
Damned if I know. My best guess: Duran Duran wanted to go to France and drink a lot of good wines, and hey, if they happened to shoot a video while they were there, so much the better.


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