Plausibly Warholian

So a fabulous contest is presently underway, sponsored by PromoWest North Shore, in which Duran Duran fans are asked to submit "...artwork of themselves based on a photo, incorporating the style of Andy Warhol and Duran Duran." The prize is -- wait for it -- a private tour of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh with members of the band. Yeah, that's pretty much just the most relevant-to-my-interests prize ever offered. Remember way back in my analysis of the "Is There Something I Should Know?" video where I mentioned that drinking champagne with Nick Rhodes while he lectures me on art and makes withering quips about my cheap shoes is one of my Improbable Life Goals? Listening to Nick gab about Warhol on a guided museum tour would be a more than adequate substitution.

My contribution to the contest is above. It won't win, of course, but I'm sort of ridiculously pleased with how it turned out.  If nothing else, I think it's both plausibly Warholian and plausibly Durannish.  Here's my original photo:

You'd be amazed at how often my stack of mid-1980s BOP magazines comes in handy.

(Under the circumstances, I feel it's only appropriate to remind everyone of Warhol's famous/infamous/awesome quote in The Face magazine about Nick Rhodes: "I love him, I worship him. I masturbate to Duran Duran videos." Wow.)

Also note the books in the background.  Earlier this summer, in the wake of our father's death, my sister and I received a massive (massive) delivery of our parents' personal library, which we have been scrambling to incorporate into our existing collection.  Ergo, currently our apartment looks like this:

We have no walls.  Only bookcases.

In other news -- and this largely explains the radio silence around here for the past couple of months -- my novel Bias Cut, the one that reached the ABNA semi-finals, will be published by Luft Books in early fall.  It'll be available as both a trade paperback and an ebook.  I'll have more information on release dates very soon.

In totally unrelated* other news, I have also formed my very own publishing company.  It's called Luft Books.

*Okay, fine, it's related.

Credit for the cool logo goes to my eternally-awesome design-guru friend Morgan Dodge, who is also designing the Bias Cut cover.

I will have more, much more, to say about this publishing venture in the weeks to come. My current plan is to publish another of my books by the end of the year, with three more following in 2013.  We'll see how this goes.


Jennifer Howell said…
If you don't win this, there is no god. :)
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. Thanks, Jenn. There's no way I'm winning this, but man, sweet prize, huh? (They're also throwing in a pair of concert tickets, but as much as I enjoy watching the boys perform, this pales in comparison to the Duran-guided Warhol tour. I mean, come on.)
Cheryl Kraynak said…
Too weird, I was up in the middle of the night and decided to visit Preppies to see if you had something new and you didn't. And now this morning you've posted. I guess I knew it was coming. But WOW! I didn't expect the awesomeness of your photo idea. I agree with Jennifer--you *have* to win this one. There is nobody more deserving!
Morgan Dodge said…
Hmmm... I'm wondering if books are suddenly no longer the best X-mas gift?

LOVE the artwork entry. BOP! It also makes a stand-out Twitter icon, as it turns out.
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, Cheryl and Boy-Morgan! I'm pretty sure there are going to be a whole slew of amazing entries for this (that prize is too, too good), and mine will be buried in the middle of the pack, but still, it's nice to daydream.

Boy-Morgan, that's one of the BOP! magazines that you gave me several years back. They've come in handy on many occasions...
DKoren said…
Wow, that is quite the awesome prize! And you never know! That pic is quite awesome. Maybe it will grab the judges attention!

And congrats on the book! I will be waiting for news of when I can buy a copy!
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, DKoren! By the way, I don't think I ever told you, but I really enjoyed your story in Lawyers in Hell. Very cool.
DKoren said…
Aw, thanks so much, Morgan! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The follow-up story, "A Hatful of Dynamite," just came out out in next volume, Rogues in Hell, at Amazon. It's much more action-oriented than the first story. I'm supposed to be working on a third story right now, as the submission deadline is rather fast approaching, but darned if my muses just are refusing to cooperate. Sigh. I really am looking forward to Bias Cut! Luft Books is also something I'd love to hear more on.
Morgan Richter said…
Very cool, DKoren -- I'll definitely pick up Rogues in Hell for your follow-up. Excellent news.

Muses. They're flaky creatures, aren't they?

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