BIAS CUT is now available in softcover!

Very exciting!

The softcover version of my novel, BIAS CUT, is now available and in stock at online book retailers. You should also be able to order it directly from any bookseller, if you'd prefer to support your favorite local bookstore.  The Amazon link is here; the Barnes & Noble link is here.

Er... it's still pretty early in the distribution process, which is why, as of right now, that Barnes & Noble listing looks pretty sketchy -- there's no cover image, no synopsis, no author info. That should change soon. Note, though, that the B&N price is a 47% discount off of the cover price, whereas right now Amazon is selling it at full price. I'm optimistic that the Amazon price will come down, but in the meantime, strongly consider saving yourself seven bucks by choosing the B&N option instead.

For those outside the United States, it looks like it isn't yet offered by any retailers not based in the U.S. (right now, only has the Kindle version, not the softcover), but that too will change in the coming days.

Exciting times. The finished product has exceeded my expectations.


DKoren said…
Wow, that looks great! I ordered two copies, one for me, one to pass around and get other people reading it! :-D
Morgan Richter said…
Deb, you rock. Thank you very much!

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