Duranalysis Book Report: “In the Pleasure Groove” versus “Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran”

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Ingrid Richter said…
Love the Duranalysis book review, Morgan! (and I'm ashamed to say that I prefer Andy's dishy narrative over John's classy one. Kind of the John Leguizamo vs. Rob Lowe's bio issue).

If Nick had any sense of humor, he'd release a biography where he fuels Andy's fire completely and justifies the "Wild Boy" book.
Morgan Richter said…
In the comment trail of one of my Duranaylses (I'm too lazy to go back and find which one), written well in advance of John's announcement that he was going to publish his memoirs, I make a sarcastic quip about how John's (at that point entirely theoretical) memoir would probably be very sweet and earnest and kind of sappy ("And as I watched the sun rise over the Eiffel Tower, coming down off of an epic six-day cocaine bender, I finally realized things were going to be okay"). And... you know, that was sort of eerily prescient of me. John's actual book is much more sophisticated than that, but the general idea is the same. John might well be too gosh-darn nice to write a truly engaging, rip-roaring book.
Cheryl Kraynak said…
Agree with you on all points. I can't wait to read John's book myself. (I'm still working through YOURS, for the 2nd time...hee hee).
It amazes me how all so many (male) stars keep "diaries" and still have them handy for the decade when they decide to write a memoir (although I think Andy had to piece together memories from other sources, if I'm remembering correctly).
Also, I always thought Rhodes came from the keyboard, but maybe that was just a coincidence?
Lastly, you can tell a Brit when they describe Fonzie as saying "Hey." (vs "Aayyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
Morgan Richter said…
Cheryl, yeah, I'd always heard he took "Rhodes" from the keyboard, too. Who knows?

John writes a good book. Personally, I prefer my celebrity memoirs to be a little trashier, but I'm shallow.
DKoren said…
I loved this comparison! Made me grin. It's kind of like Andy had something to prove with his book, and John just wants to show he's sophisticated and at peace with his life.

I also think your conclusion on if Simon will ever write one... yeah, that will win.
Morgan Richter said…
I want to start a letter-writing campaign to encourage Simon to pen his memoirs. Because it'd be awesome. (Nick's autobiography, if he ever gets around to writing one, could go either way: Either it'd be bizarre and headache-inducing and unbearably pretentious, or it'd be hilarious and cheerfully bitchy and amazing. Nick does not know the meaning of the phrase "middle ground.")

If a publisher offered Roger a contract to write a book, I'm pretty sure he'd just hand a stack of old press releases about the band over to a ghostwriter and wash his hands of the entire project. I can't picture Roger willingly baring his soul to the general public.
Lee Mather said…
Having just read both books back to back, I Googled reviews that compare the two -- and I was so psyched to find this. I started off with John's book, finishing it on a Sunday afternoon. I felt like I learned some things about him and the rest of the band, but I still wanted more -- I felt like there were a lot of things unanswered. Usher in Andy's book, which, yes, took every possible opportunity to take shots at Nick, but it was more complete to me. I felt much more connected to his account of what took place during their rise to fame and megastardom, and Andy's writing had me laughing out loud more than a few times. I liked it so much that I read it again.

Simon, the chip-shop Elvis. Heehee!

(I am loving these Duranalyses, by the way. I've told all my fellow Duranie friends to check them out!)
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, Lee! Yeah, I agree that Andy's book gives a more complete picture, and it's just more fun. I think John is just too well-behaved and tactful to produce a really dishy, satisfying book.
andiepants said…
THANK YOU for writing this comparison! I read Andy's book when it came out and was thoroughly delighted. He did a fair bit of Nick-bashing but it made sense to me that they didn't get along, as Andy and Nick are very different personalities.

I also had high hopes for John's book, pre-ordered it from Amazon and everything. But it was sort of a let-down. I feel like now that he's (re-)married, with a daughter and an ex-wife, John did a lot of "filtering." The parts I liked best were the chapters about his relationship with his parents, particularly as they grew older and frail he was forced to deal with their eventual deaths. Those were the only parts that felt genuine to me.

That said, I love John and Andy both equally. As a kid I was convinced that I'd end up married to either John, Andy, or Simon...and part of me is still a bit surprised that I didn't. :-/

BTW, I can't believe I didn't stumble upon your blog sooner, but I'm so glad I did!

Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, andiepants! Andy's book was definitely more dishy and entertaining than John's, Nick-bashing and all. Actually, the Nick-bashing was sort of the best part. There was a great piece at The Awl last year that described Nick in Andy's book as being "like a wet, unhappy cat stalking through," which is brilliant.
Tracy said…
"Fuck You, You Revlon-Wearing Tosser" -- I almost fell off my chair laughing at that! Am in the middle of JT's book after having read AT's a while ago. Love your comparisons. What's funny about Andy's is that he kept saying he was leaving plenty out of his story, not wanting to go too far.

"And as I watched the sun rise over the Eiffel Tower, coming down off of an epic six-day cocaine bender, I finally realized things were going to be okay" -- nice call!

I think your prediction of what a Nick Rhodes book would be like is also on the mark. I bet Simon will write one eventually. If I could pre-order it now, I would.
Morgan Richter said…
Tracy -- I think Andy even tweeted in response to someone's question that he ended up removing some anecdotes from his book on the advice of his lawyers. I'd love to read the excised material.

I really hope Simon eventually gets around to writing his autobiography. There's just no way it wouldn't be awesome.
peter said…
This is a fantastic review - thanks for writing it - funny & insightful. I'm also glad you called out Andy for his obsession with Simon's weight. Still, I think they're better with him in the band.
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, Peter! Yeah, I miss Andy as a member of the band, too.

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