My novel Charlotte Dent is now available as a Kindle-format ebook from Amazon. And it's about time, too.

Charlotte was a 2008 semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. In a review of the unpublished manuscript written for judging purposes, Publishers Weekly had this to say:

"Chick lit embraces Hollywood pluck in this perky novel about dreams that come true, with a few nightmares along the way. Charlotte Dent is an aging (she's almost 30!) wannabe actress toiling in a Los Angeles law firm when a hip young director spots her jogging along the boulevard, sweaty in a form-fitting T-shirt. One coffee shop meeting later, and she's cast in a minor but attention-grabbing role as a martial arts warrior in a movie based on a comic book. That's where she meets delicately beautiful Simon Oliver, a classically trained British stage actor in his first major movie role. They fall in love, but the romance is cut short when the young actor (he's only 30!) is crushed by callous reviews and the hurly burly of L.A. life and returns to London. The unrelenting grimness of an aspiring actor's struggles, the stress of cattle-call auditions, the shabbiness of Equity-waiver blackbox theatre, the indulgences that come with big-budget moviemaking and the trauma of being mistreated by a prima donna director on a low-budget art film are all depicted with entertaining authenticity. From start to end, this is a crisp, fun treatment of Hollywood life."
It's $4.99 at Amazon. No Kindle? No problem--download a free app from Amazon to enable you to read it on almost any computer or mobile device.


DKoren said…
Woo! New reading material! I can't wait!! Also - it is so great to see it out.

I just bought a copy, however, when I bring it up in the Kindle Cloud reader app from Amazon (where I've read all your other books), it tells me that the title is not available. Grrr. Hopefully it will sort itself out.
Morgan Richter said…
Argh, that's frustrating! I just checked on my end, and it's not letting me read it in the Kindle Cloud Reader, either. I've sent an email to Amazon about it seeing if there's anything they can do about it; I'll let you know what I hear. In the meantime, though, I'll email you a digital copy of Charlotte, just so you can read it. Very sorry about the hassle; not sure what's going on. Thanks for purchasing it!

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