Lonely Satellite

Updated 10/18 to add: The paperback edition is now listed at Amazon

The Kindle-formatted version of my new book LONELY SATELLITE is now available from Amazon. The print edition will follow in a couple of weeks, though I don't have a firm release date yet is also available for a retail price of $12.35. The wonderful Morgan Dodge designed the cover.

Here's the official synopsis:

In 1984, a global nuclear catastrophe almost destroyed the world. Thirty years later, American society struggles to rebuild in the face of widespread fear, sickness and paranoia, as the chasm between the haves and the have-nots continues to grow. 

While fleeing from a gang of marauders, Laurie Sparks, a beautiful young monk with an appetite for the good life and a knack for finding trouble, seeks refuge within a sinister subterranean church and inadvertently exposes the dangerous secrets of his past. Laurie’s adventures take him from desert wastelands to the decaying ruins of once-great cities, from seedy strip clubs and casinos to glamorous yachts on the Pacific and luxurious Park Avenue penthouses. In between nursing a whopping crush on his handsome traveling companion, Jonathan, and dodging the attentions of lechers, miscreants and murderers, Laurie yearns for clean sheets and room service and dreams of becoming the first television star of the post-apocalyptic age.

An alternate-timeline reimagining of Morgan Richter’s award-winning novel Bias Cut, Lonely Satellite is a story about how hope may be found in the middle of desolation, how allies pop up in the unlikeliest of places, and how the apocalypse is easier to face with liberal doses of champagne and frequent bubble baths.

So essentially, it's BIAS CUT, only with less fashion and more apocalypse. Download it here for only $4.99.


Tess Scholz said…
Hi Morgan, I've been meaning to say it for a long time - love love LOVE your blog! Seriously, Duran Duran, White Collar AND Michael Rosenbaum in one place - can it get any better? And I absolutely loved Bias Cut. all the 80s/Project Runway inspiration in it literally made me squee at times and reread some places! Can't tell you how excited I am about your new book, especially as a 100% Nick girl. Keep it up and please post more Duranalyses! Can't get enough of them!
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks so much, Tess! That's so great to hear! Good to hear someone shares my shameless pro-Nick bias. More Duranalyses have been the works, but I'm (obviously) very slow at actually, like, doing them.

I really hope you enjoy Lonely Satellite. Thank you for commenting!
DKoren said…
Sweet! And perfect timing. I'm moping around home with a cold, drinking hot tea by the gallon, not quite up to writing that next scene in my own novel...

So snapped this up, and I can't wait to start reading it!
Morgan Richter said…
Thanks, Deb! I hope you like it. And please let me know whenever you have new stuff published -- I love reading your writing. I hope you feel better soon; colds are the worst.
andiepants said…
I love the cover! I just ordered "Lonely Satellite" for my Kindle. Looking forward to reading it!
Morgan Richter said…
Cool deal, Andie! I hope you enjoy it.

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