Duranalysis: Falling Down

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DKoren said…
Okay, you're going to laugh, but I read this last night before I went to bed... and I dreamed about going to a Duran concert. (Now, why can't I influence my dreams so easily like that any time I want??) I thought I'd gotten good seats, and they were nice and close... only there was a full-on wall in front of me. Got up and went to the back of the theater, which must have been at least a 1/2 mile from the stage, literally. Waaaaaaaaaay out there. But there were seats, and I could see... and then Nick comes driving up the aisle on this golf cart thingy (blond, white outfit, just like the little screenshot), and he got out and there was a tiny back stage right behind the last row of seats, where we were. He calmly set up this weird tiny bongo set (though in the dream, I called them tambourines), played something, then walked back to the golf cart and zoomed back down to the main stage. I woke up after that.

So weird.

I've only seen this video once, but this review made me laugh out loud throughout, as usual.
Morgan Richter said…
Ha! Love your dream, and it all sounds strangely plausible, down to Nick and his tiny bongos. When my sister and I saw Duran at Madison Square Garden in 2011, our seats were... well, not quite half a mile away, but they were ludicrously bad seats. My sister took some hilarious photos of the tiny blurs on stage. Could've been Duran Duran, could've been a bunch of imposters. We'd never know the difference.
Jenny Pink said…
I've wondered about Sober John in these scenarios, too. From what I gather from Andy's book, their reunion retreat was all about liquid lunches and cocktail parties. And it isn't like Duran Duran needs their bassist to be the designated driver. I'm wondering how much of this video was his brainstorm, and how much he had to nix as the Resident Rehab Expert.

Meanwhile, you gotta love how Nick's priorities remain unchanged. But the singing is unnerving. I can handle him belting it out Please, Please Tell Me , Now, but he has nothing else to do. . .no buttons to push/keyboards to fiddle with/scrolls to dispense. I like it better when he is triggering a sequence (technical term, because I'm not sure I've ever seen a clip of his fingers on the keyboard) and looking haughty. And not singing.
Morgan Richter said…
Jen, yeah -- how does John stay sober in Duran Duran? That's got to be rough.

I don't mind Nick singing in the "Is There Something I Should Know?" video either, since as you point out, it's not like he's doing anything else. Seeing him sing during a performance just seems wrong (I'll make an exception for Nick belting his glamorous little heart out during the group chorus scenes in the "Do They Know It's Christmas?" video, in which I figure Bob Geldof had the sense to make sure Nick's microphone was turned off anyway).
Anonymous said…
Okay...almost three years since the last comment but I recently stumbled across your Duranalysis Morgan and have been enjoying reading your reviews of Duran Duran videos and having some giggles...even though I think you are a bit hard on Nick sometimes...Lol! But I do tend to feel quite protective of my favourite Duran so maybe It's just me. I hope you keep up with your reviews as they are very entertaining.

I just wanted to comment that I was watching the video for Breath after Breath yesterday and beautiful Nick was singing in that video as well...Iit's not much and it's near the end but when I saw that it made me sit up straight in my chair. Lol! I gotta say though...I love seeing him singing even if I can't hear his voice.
Morgan Richter said…
Anonymous -- Aw, I'm hardest on Nick because I write about him the most, because he is and always has been (and always will be) my favorite Duran.

The Breath After Breath video has been on my list to Duranalyze for years. It's got some beautiful footage in it, and Nick looks fabulous.

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