The A-Team: “Cowboy George”

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Dan Liebke said…
That is a fantastic recap of one of the most awesome episodes of one of the very best TV shows in history.

I salute you and all that you stand for.
Morgan Richter said…
And it is indeed most awesome, Dan. The bit where Boy George meets Mr. T, complete with mutual wide grins and giggles and weird attempts at soul shakes, is clearly one of the defining television moments of the mid-eighties. It's wonderful.
andiepants said…
What an awesome recap!

I was one of those little girls who was obsessed with horses, so I wasn't much into "The A Team" in its heyday. However, since I was ALSO a burgeoning new wave fanatic, I vaguely recall something about Boy George making an appearance on the show. I didn't catch this ep in 1986, but I after reading your excellent description, I know I must head to YouTube and check it out!
Morgan Richter said…
Andie, it's a delightful episode. Deeply, profoundly silly, obviously, but Boy George is just giggly and giddy the whole time. Thoroughly charming.

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