Happy 2014! Here's some more Bias Cut!

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2014 bring everyone health and happiness.

So... the two main characters in my book Bias Cut, Laurie Sparks and Nicola, have Twitter accounts, and since their Twitter handles are named in the book, I did the sensible thing and made sure to claim those handles before the book was published. Laurie is here and Nicola is here.  And, y'know, I've had ideas, but I haven't really done much with either account (Laurie mostly tweets drivel, which seems about right, and Nicola really doesn't tweet at all, which... also seems about right). I've been using Nicola's account, half-heartedly, as the official Twitter account for my company, Luft Books. It's all been a little... well, lame, frankly.

But! That all changes tonight!

I've written a lengthy epilogue to Bias Cut -- the never-before-seen Chapter Thirty-Eight, if you will. And starting tonight at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time, and continuing over the next four days until it wraps up on Saturday, I'll be tweeting the entire chapter on Nicola's Twitter account. This will be the only place to find this chapter. It'll be just under sixty tweets per night, one tweet per minute, so if you check out @NicolaStrozyk between ten and eleven tonight (or any time afterward, really), you might see  Nicola and Laurie and Jonathan having some brand-new adventures (where "adventures" = "drinking champagne and watching Solarbabies"). The new chapter also contains a few Easter Eggs for my alternate-universe Bias Cut retelling, Lonely Satellite (two characters from the Lonely Satellite universe who did not appear in Bias Cut will put in appearances).

It might be interesting! Check it out! Tell your friends! I don't need a huge audience, but only eleven people are following Nicola's Twitter account, and three of those people are me.

Site news: Arrow recaps will resume next week once the show returns from its winter break. This month I'm also going to try to crank out analyses of Fall Out Boy's still-in-progress, ambitious, gruesome, grueling, sprawling, totally bonkers series of interconnected videos for Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles. With luck, I should have the first installment up by the end of the week. And just to be totally random, I might take a look at the G.I. Joe cartoon that aired in syndication in the mid-eighties.

It'll be fun. Thanks for joining me.


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