Hey, let's take a quiz!

This is fun. I promise!

Over at the website for my publishing company, Luft Books, I've created a quick ten-question Buzzfeedesque quiz designed to help match up readers with Luft titles, based upon personality, predilections, and pop-culture tastes. It is all very, very scientific, and I think I showed admirable restraint in only making a scant one-tenth of the questions about Duran Duran. (Fun fact: Every single Duran Duran fan who has taken the quiz thus far has ended up with Bias Cut. This is probably not a coincidence.)

Give it a try here, and then let me know your results.


Alicia said…
I got Bias Cut. And I am, indeed, a Duran fan. Uncanny!
Morgan Richter said…
Ha! Alicia, that's awesome. I suspect the Duran fans are more inclined to answer questions in a pro-champagne, pro-Paris, and pro-glamour manner, all of which will inevitably lead straight to Bias Cut. As I was explaining to a couple of fellow Duranies on Twitter, I feel quite strongly that if Nick Rhodes were to take my quiz, he'd end up with Bias Cut.
DKoren said…
I got Hooked. The description fits, so I'm going to have to check out this book! However, I had to kind of randomly pick answers for most of the questions as I was either: none of these, or who-the-what-the-never-heard-of-these! ROFL! Except the Duran Duran question, of course. No problems answering that one. :D
Morgan Richter said…
Hooked is a fun book, Deb. I just submitted the files to the printer/distributor for the paperback version, which should be out in a few weeks, but it's already out as an ebook. The author, AK Adler, is a friend; later this year, I'm going to try to expand the Luft catalog beyond just my books and his books (got another author lined up -- childhood friend -- but her book, ah, isn't actually written yet, so publishing it is still a long ways away at this point).
DKoren said…
I just picked up the e-book!
Morgan Richter said…
Cool! The quiz is working!
Hey, Morgan, how did your Publisher's Weekly review for ABNA come out? Mine was weak sauce.
Hey, Morgan, how did your Publisher's Weekly review for ABNA come out? Mine was weak sauce.
Morgan Richter said…
Oh, Thomas. Crashed and burned. My PW review for Lonely Satellite was hilariously negative. Not a word about my writing, just a nonstop rant about how much my reviewer hated my main character. Which... okay, fair enough, opinions are going to vary (I, personally, adore my protagonist, to the extent that I've turned him into a darling series of paper dolls, and I'll just point out that my PW reviewer in 2012, when my book Bias Cut made it to the semi-finals, adored him as well). Thus endeth my ABNA 2014 dreams.

I'm sorry to hear you got burned as well. Luck of the draw, my friend.
So sorry about that. Hey, it's only one guy! Opinions are like you-know-what, and all that.
Morgan Richter said…
Eh, it's all good. I've had extraordinary ABNA luck in past years (two trips to the semi-finals with two different books, complete with two 100% positive PW reviews), so I suppose this is just a case of the odds catching up to me. Since ABNA is a free competition, it limits my ability to complain when things don't break my way. My book landed with exactly the wrong PW reviewer for it. It happens.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get good news tomorrow.

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