Here's where I've been hiding lately.

Side projects! I've been putting in long hours lately building this burgeoning, epic, sprawling wiki for my publishing company, Luft Books. It's still a work-in-progress, and likely will be until the end of time, but it's ready for visitors.

So... welcome to the Luft Books Universe, an interconnected database of plots, characters, places, themes, and everything else that appears in the pages of the novels published by Luft (which is currently comprised of my five books--Bias Cut, Lonely Satellite, Preppies of the Apocalypse, Wrong City, and Charlotte Dent--plus A.K. Adler's Disconnected and Hooked. In addition, my book Demon City will be coming out this fall/winter). It's all cross-indexed for ease of clickability, and it's fun.

As an added bonus, I've gone a little Photoshop-crazy, designing logos and such for all the fake television shows and plays and locations that exist in the Luft Books universe.

We've got logos for fake television shows:

We've got logos for fake television networks:

We've got logos for fake strip clubs:
We've got flyers for fake community-theater productions:

We've got fake blog posts:
...And much, much more.

Whether you've read any of the Luft titles or not, it's fun to play around with the Luft Books Universe.

Oh, and relevant to fans of Bias Cut: Laurie Sparks has been blogging lately.


Ingrid Richter said…
Easter eggs! You have Easter eggs!
Morgan Richter said…
This is true! I do have Easter eggs! Find them & click them to uncover secret content.

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