Arrow 3-04: "The Magician"

Hey, that was a pretty good episode of Arrow, right? Fast-paced, good action scenes, funny in parts, Oliver was less self-absorbed and undercaffeinated than usual, and Nyssa and Malcolm were in good form.

Here's this week's illustrated guide.

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DKoren said…
The "not Liam Neeson" comment made me laugh outloud. So true. This guy was very underwhelming.

I've caught up on the Arrow episodes and have really enjoyed your graphic version of reviews (however, I miss your more lengthy in-depth comments, too :-D).

So far, enjoying the season. I'm interested to see what Thea will be allowed to do this season, and I'm glad Laurel's training with the cute boxing guy (who, alas, did not make a return appearance this ep, sigh). I also am amused by the fact that Oliver is now protecting Malcolm, just because that is so typically twisted-Oliver-logic.
Morgan Richter said…
You know, somewhere in the middle of season two (when I went through a long stretch of not liking the show very much), I started feeling like my long-form analyses were becoming a little too joyless and nagging. So I think these illustrated versions are preserving my mental health.

I'm liking the season thus far, too. Good to see some forward action for Laurel and Thea. And yes, Oliver protecting Malcolm is thoroughly illogical and silly, and thus makes complete sense for something Oliver would do.
DKoren said…
Preserving mental health is an absolute requirement! And these are very fun. We can always expand on certain things in the comments!

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