Arrow 3-05: "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"

It was a perfectly loathsome episode of Arrow last night. My unusually vitriolic illustrated recap is after the jump.

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DKoren said…
The training montage in the beginning might be one of my favorite Arrow moments. It was lovely.

The rest? Well, the boxer guy is still cute. Also, Felicity has an Adventures of Robin Hood movie poster on her wall. I approve. Plus, the first thing Thea puts on her new television is Possessed from 1931 with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford? Really? Wouldn't have thought she went in for pre-codes, but hey, nice to see a B&W movie pop up anywhere these days!

(I think the funniest frame was where Oliver moves in with her... problem solved. That made me laugh outloud.)
Morgan Richter said…
It's probably clear from my recap that I despised this episode. General reaction online to it was very positive, which is yet another indication that I don't have my finger on the pulse of the nation's general pop-culture sentiment. Huh.

But yeah, that training montage was great!

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