Arrow 3-06: "Guilty"

Fresh new illustrated guide to Arrow! Better episode! Not especially, like, good or anything, but not nearly as soul-shreddingly awful as last week's Felicity weep-fest.

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DKoren said…
Best part of this one was more on Laurel's cute boxing trainer.

And dear me, Starling City has to rank as The Worst city to live in, ever. Just how many super-hero-vigilante-wannabees does this place breed/require? With the body count of bad guys, I'm sometimes surprised anyone with felonious intentions even sets up shop here, cuz dude, looks like you will guaranteed to be shot with an arrow by any one of a bunch of people, blown up, gunshot, etc. You'll be lucky if you make it to police custody.
Morgan Richter said…
I sort of love the lawlessness of Starling City. It's a terrible place to live! I've been watching Gotham on Fox, which has managed to make Gotham City seem hilariously corrupt and dangerous. It's kind of fun.

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