Arrow 3-07: "Draw Back Your Bow"

As much as I try to relax and just accept Arrow for what it is, it'd be awfully nice if the show's views on women weren't so painfully retrograde. This episode was a doozy in that regard (Thea starting to fall for that DJ who acts like a total dick to her! Felicity going weak over diamonds and couture! Cupid's neurotic obsession with Oliver!).

Illustrated recap below. Click the links for larger, expandable images.


DKoren said…
You know, I'm starting to read these before I see the ep, because they're so amusing and willpower... I am lacking it sometimes. And then I have little motivation to see the actual ep, not because of spoilers, but because, really? Not sure these eps are a worthy use of procrastination time before story deadlines...

But there was much laughing over the recap!
Morgan Richter said…
I wish I could tell you it's totally worth it to watch the episodes, but... yeah, it's really not. I get so frustrated with Arrow, because the show consistently botches the easy stuff, particularly all the male-female relationships. It's maddening.
DKoren said…
Okay, the comments are even funnier after I've seen the ep... and sadder. I kind of really wanted to hope you were exaggerating the Thea/DJ thing and Felicity and her expensive dress and diamonds... and nope, not at all.

Also, I have to laugh every time Oliver gives someone else advice. (with one exception, a couple eps back he told Roy, 'Don't be sorry, be rested.' which is the only sensible advice I think he's ever given anyone.)

Morgan Richter said…
The episode gave some sobering insights into the minds of the creative staff--most crucially (and disturbingly) how they think the female experience is universal. Yeah, some women (and some men) would have their heads turned by someone giving them fancy clothes and jewels... but we've seen nothing to indicate Felicity is one of those women (and plenty to indicate she would not be swayed this way). Felicity's response to Ray only makes sense if you boil your worldview down to "all women dig clothes and sparkly things!" and "all women want a man who can shower them with expensive gifts!"

I think overall Oliver handles Roy pretty well--looking out for him, sending him home when his head's not in the game. It's a nice change of pace from Oliver's usual self-involved jerkassery.

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