Arrow 3-14: "The Return"

Well. Should've known Arrow's streak of good episodes couldn't last. 'Twas a deeply silly episode last night, though it did boost the too-brief but always-welcome return of Slade Wilson. Added bonus: A nice return appearance by Tommy Merlyn.

My illustrated recap is after the break. Click the link for large/expandable images.

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DKoren said…
D'oh! I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind and haven't caught any of the eps lately. I have been cheating and reading your posts, though... YAY for Slade returning! But this post really really cracked me up. Does not sound like a winning episode, no sirree. I need to sit down and catch up before I fall irretrievably behind.
Morgan Richter said…
Manu Bennett has actually said in interviews that he wasn't thrilled with how Slade's return was handled. Not a great episode, but even still, it was good to see him back. He adds something that's been sorely missing from this season.

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