Arrow 3-20: "The Fallen"

It's a short recap this week, because Arrow padded this episode to death with scenes of Oliver and Felicity moping about their relationship. Nobody on the writing staff has any facility for scripting anything resembling genuine romantic interaction; Felicity the lovelorn and weepy sad sack no longer bears any resemblance to the cheerful and wry Felicity of earlier seasons. (In a similar vein, Laurel has become a much stronger character this season, now that she's no longer romantically attached to Oliver. There's something galling about the way Arrow depicts women in love as clingy, neurotic drips.)

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Ingrid Richter said…
Excellent recap! I wish they had done more with Francois Yip - she was also awesome in Romeo Must Die
Morgan Richter said…
Good to see Francois Yip, but yeah, they didn't do much with her at all. And I doubt we ever see her character again, because that's the Arrow way. Frustrating show.

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