Arrow 3-21: "Al Sah-Him"

Well! That was perfectly awful.

Recap below. Click on the links for larger images.

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DKoren said…
Oh wow. That is... okay, no words. Kind of making me glad I'm not actually watching these right now. That first panel with the "nonsense, I have totally changed" made me laugh out loud. As I usually do in these. :-D
Morgan Richter said…
It's gone completely off the rails over the past several episodes. I do not understand the League of Assassins; nothing they do makes any cohesive sense from one episode to the next (Ra's al Ghul's whole business of "Hunt down and kill my daughter! No, marry her instead!" makes me want to bang my head against the wall). And it's getting very, very hard to remember that Felicity was once one of my favorite characters. Terrible stuff.

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