Arrow 3-23: “My Name Is Oliver Queen”


A messy and unpleasant season of Arrow reached a messy and unpleasant end. It's hard to single out one key element responsible for the show's crashing failure, though Felicity's devolution from a quirky, fun, smart character into a weepy, self-involved mess sure didn't help. Nor did the show's inability to elevate the season's main villain, Ra's al Ghul, into anything but a spiteful, capricious enigma. Ditto for Amanda Waller in the Hong Kong flashbacks. In the end, the positive developments--Thea, Malcolm, Roy, and Ray Palmer were all delightful this season, and Laurel finally, finally became downright awesome--weren't enough to compensate for the disgracefully sloppy writing (those Hong Kong flashbacks were pointless and incomprehensible from beginning to end).

Here's my final recap. As ever, click the links for larger images.


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