Duranalysis: “Come Undone”

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DKoren said…
ROFL! I just love these. This was great and since life here is chaos, this was a much needed break for fun!

Things that made me laugh out loud: The line about not feeding Roger to the sharks, Nick's outfit change cuz he's got standards (damn right!), Smithereens and Glitter - which is a bloody brilliant title.

And yes... I do not want to see other people having adventures or doing crazy things in a video while our guys just play the music. I want them DOING the adventures and crazy things. Otherwise... why watch?
Morgan Richter said…
Heh. It's funny 'cause it's true: No one wants to see Roger be eaten by sharks.

Seriously, the more stuff the Durans do in a video, the better the video. Get Simon in that shark tank! It's not enough to just have them stand around posing and looking beautiful.

I hope the chaos settles down soon!

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