Duranalysis: “Out of My Mind”

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Kate Crisp said…
I know what you mean about this video. I WANT to love it, because there are so many appealing elements, but at the end of the day you feel a little ripped off because it's all so blurred & fleeting. I had watched it a few times ages ago and then came across a reference to Nick snogging scene which I hadn't noticed. This naturally sent me scurrying back for a closer inspection....meh.

Interestingly, I DID read somewhere that the bald girl was someone who just happened to be on set and they asked if anyone would be prepared to shave their head and be in the video as Nicks snog object. Think I would have been bald in a millisecond, despite the yick factor of the melting head...
Great analysis as always! Kate
Morgan Richter said…
Kate -- That's fabulous! I would happily shave my head to make out with Nick, even with his head melting off. Yeah, it's a frustrating video, because I feel like I have to work too hard to see too little: fantastic images, but they're almost indecipherable.

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